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WFHC is profoundly appreciated the support, contribution and compliment from the participated readers that has long been an indispensable propulsion of WFHC project. As WFHC is a non-profitable body, it is only requited by the readers' feedback through media tools such as personal messages or comments in e-mail, facebook, webboard or these blogs as provided examples ;

"First of all, sorry for my poor English, I´m a young Spanish man. I simply want to congratulate you for your blog, it's my Internet's most visited and you're my idol, history of football is my favourite hobby and your work is just amazing, I started watching historic football with 13 years old and when I found out your blog was like finding out pure gold. Thanks a lot."
Naubi, Spain

“I've been a huge fan of your work for a long time now. I just wanted to say thank you for the well thought out, researched and organized information. The time and energy you put into all of this is very much appreciated. Well, if you need help with anything or are looking for volunteers, assistants, researchers or anything like that, I'm more than willing to help at anytime. Thanks again man”
Solomon Tesfay, Ethiopia

"I've followed your rankings for years. Fan of your work because of my love for soccer and because I love to play fantasy football in PES. I am obssesed with creating the all time teams and squads in my saved data and your lists are my reference for assigning skills on my created players. Keep the hard work, this is an excellent site. Excuse my English, I am from Ecuador"
Daniel Romero, Ecuador

“I stumbled into your WFHC blog and it is the best thing I have ever found on the Internet. I spent hours in your site and really enjoyed everything about it. I have a passion for the history of football and I really value efforts like yours. I am also a computer programmer and would like to offer my help for anything you need to improve the site, anything from getting data to offering advice. I just want to be part of something as great as this”
Armando Vinciguerra. Venezuela

"I must commend the work you have put into it. Its so detailed. I am not even done reading all the articles yet but just had to find the owner of the blog to contact. I appreciate your work"

Dave Ogunbameru

"We're a team of friends from Balkan. Everyday we play football and drink beer or coffee and talk about regular updates to your site. We comment on your lists and discuss them. Your idea is great and we respect you very much"

Ante Markov, Croatia

"Hi Naratorn, just wanted to let you know that your webpages on World Football Historic Center are absolutely amazing. In the past I referenced your website a lot to develop a historic database of classic teams in Pro Evolution and in a CM 01/02 database. Your knowledge is incredible. 

Josh Hayward, Australia 

I’ve been a massive fan of your blog for about a year now and it’s given me inspiration to make some of mine own lists, which definitely wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible amount of information you provide. I was just wondering if you’re intending on continuing the project as I haven’t seen much activity lately and I’d really hate for it to be abandoned as it’s probably the best collection of football knowledge I’ve ever seen.

Jack Colpitts, England

I have been follow your work for years and you are improving everyday. You have to be more recognized, because this blog is the best and the most complete in all the net. Keep it up!
Axel Persico, Argentina

"Hello, Naratorn, I'm a huge fan of your blog. I know you made a lot of work. Thanks you so much ! I respect you and your blog so much and I have never seen a more accurate view on beautiful game that we call football."
Daniel Knab, Denmark

“I've read your work on WFHC and I am amazed by all the incredible and extensive data you have collected and written about. I was wondering if you could contribute an article to The Antique Football. The article can deal with any subject in football history. We'd like a more statistical/analytical viewpoint on our site and we think you fit that mold perfectly.”
Dela, USA

“Hi, I wanted to let you know, that I have great respect for your work with football stats. I'm working for my own with stats for about 14 years, but your knowledge is simply amazing. P.S: from your stats I'm a big fan of José Moreno and Alberto Spencer. Have a nice week man, bye.”
Mircea Fatusan, Romania

“I went to say you are a great football rater. I’m also interested in football history and very like your method. I always browse WFHC and based on it in my rating. Are you continuous update rating for current players ?? and again I thank your work and effort in WFHC.”
Ali Legended, Iraq

"I love football and always read and respect your commitment to all-time players evaluation. I agree most of your opinions and I think you're number one football expert of Thailand"
Hamin, Korea Republic

“Hey Naratorn, My name is Anurag and I recently visited your blog which contained the rankings of the best central midfielders in the history of football. Although people have criticized your work, I have to admit I am really impressed with your work. I managed to find you on facebook and I would like to know if you are still writing. Do get to me thanks.”
Anurag Yeddula, England

“Hi Dearman, I'm Mad, from xtratime, we hadn't the opportunity to know each other, because when I started writing there, you were leaving, and I don't write so much anyway. But in the past I read your threads and posts, your rankings and your hypothesis. I was not always agree with you, but I think that's quite normal, I've my background, you've yours, and it's ok like this. Anyway, I appreciate your dedication at the subject.”
Manuel, Italy

“Dearman, I had to join to say thanks for this. I'm working on a custom database for Football Manager 2010 and this has been invaluable, I will credit you on its release. Naturally I have to rank things too so it helped a lot! Normally these lists you find you disagree with almost the whole thing but yours has been agreeable for the most part, more than others. Good knowledge !”
Slorry (FM Editor), Italy

“I have to admit to getting some help. All player ratings so far are based around these excellent posts on Xtratime Community : Welcome by a really great researcher called Dearman: I should add that all of the player in post 1 above who qualify as modern legends are already in the database.”
BoomSwitch (FM Modern Legend Database Moderator), England

“Hi Dearman, I read and appreciate very much your posts on xtratime forum and in this forum. I have been always interested in football since i was 16-17 and internet still didn't exist so I took information from great italian magazine guerin sportivo. Thank you.”
Caligora, Italy

"Thanks you so much for having such a nice and entertaining stuff for us. I really enjoy your blog and the way you have described your content"
Akmai Niazi Khan, Pakistan


  1. Anonymous3/27/2017

    Hi, Antonio From Italy. Great follower of your wonderful work.

    I want to suggest a top 10 list of the best player for each year, at least for European and Americas players.


    Atonio Bomba

  2. I'm welcome for your suggestion.

  3. Hi Dearman,

    I had just recently come across your site and I cannot be more impressed, your analysis is superb and insights are deep.

    I'm the creator of a football website of my own: and would like to contribute some insights of my own and possibly contribute to your website. You can reach out to me at

    Best Regards,


    1. Hi, George
      Thanks you for compliment.
      I have visited your blog, it is very informative about Hungarian football.
      I'll stay your website in touch.

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  5. Wonderfully comprehensive - credit to the author - a great deal of effort has been put in. Can I just say though, as a fan, it's 'Tottenham Hotspur' not Hot Spurs.

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    1. What is your assignment ? You study in sports science or any similar field of study ?

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  9. Hi
    Big fan of your blog, I visit the website regularly regularly.
    I wonder if when you say that you are updating the rankings for the 2022 World Cup, if you are also including club performances for the last few years. Here are six players that I think deserve to be in the Top 100, I’d love to know your thoughts on them.
    Alisson Becker , Raphael Varane , Ruben Dias , Trent Alexander-Arnold , Marco Veratti , Vinicius Jr.