The Group of Consultants

Honorary Consultant

Royoftherovers, England: A Former English Football Journalist who start watching football since the mid-1930s. His memoir mainly based on British football legends tremendously contribute to internet forum.

General Consultant

Gregoriak, Germany : A German Football Expert, mainly active in He has been collecting the evidence of kicker rating in all seasons since it was established. Because of his watching history a lot of old football videos,  reading  a public books, he has long been regarded as one of the most reliable and respectable experts in Bigsoccer forum.

Msioux, Peru : a True Collector of Historical Football Rating. He contributes the rating evidence in La Liga by Don Balon Award, Argentina Primera Division by El Grafico and South American Championship Best XI. He also found evidence of rating in He specializes in South American legends and footballer history the beginning eras.

PuckvanHeel, Netherlands : a True Knowledgeable Football Expert mainly base on Benelux players, he has been contributing the universal evidences of rating and statistics such as Ranking in Dutch and Belgian player of the year, research result of rating players by university. He is also very good at analysis of raw rating data.

Kajoo, Slovakia : a former prime minister in Xtratime community, his role as an executive support me to build civilization in history forum. In football historical knowledge, he is an expert in Central European football legends especially Hungarian and Czechoslovakian players.

Charruan, Croatia : An Administrator and a Researcher of, he devotes to watch a large number of football videos and collects many valuable magazines to help on his work of football legends skill rating especially Eastern European and South American legends.

Comme, England : A Famous Active Moderator of The Beautiful Game in and an author of the book "The Complete History of The World Cup". His famous works in Bigsoccer are top 100 players ever by 11 position, top players in history of English Top Division by position and A Brief History of Tactics.

JCamilo, Brazil : an Active Administrator of and a professional author, his knowledge in Brazilian football history is comparable to read the book in its whole history.

Matveev, Russia : a Russian Journalist, he travels to survey many professional coaches in Russia to make the rating poll of the greatest Soviet players by position. He also survey a lot of foreigner’s opinions to collect the greatest players by position in each nation.

Priva Criga, Serbia : a Former administrator in, is absolutely a great expert and researcher on footballer’s skill and style of play, especially on Yugoslav players.

Argentina Soccer FanArgentina : an active Bigsoccer moderator and an Argentinean football expert, his expertise is the greatest representative of Argentine football history I have ever met in internet forum.


  1. Anonymous9/18/2014

    How big is the role of consultants, i mean do you change some rankings when they suggest that? Are all of these rankings 50% yours 50% theirs or 90% you 10%, just how important are they and what happens if you really don't agree about something? :)

    1. The consultant just contribute important evidence of rating and specialized knowledge in their field of expertise but rating result in ranking or selection format is entirely evaluated base on my criteria of rating. They’re seldom suggest on final result.

    2. Anonymous9/19/2014

      But their opinion is held in high regard by you?

    3. I'm hugely respect their expertise as they know in raw deep details of football.
      If you mean their opinion on result of comparison, ranking or selection, I've not taken it much since I've not worked with them to establish the criteria system which means I'm really not know where the result is derived from.