World's Eleven Players of All-Time

Soccer sports’ history has been available more than the century. Until the present, there are so many greatnesses of events, teams and legends. Even many factors of football has been changed in each era but the fact of matter that the greatness in their own era has been remembered and being recorded in pages of football history. All great legends to play the game in every corner of the World finally are selected as best of the best to be built up this squad.

World All-Stars

FIFA World Cup Most Tournaments : Brazil ( All )
FIFA World Cup Most Champions of Team : Brazil (5 Times)
FIFA World Cup Most Champions of Player : Pele (3 Times)
FIFA World Cup Most Appearances : Matthaus (25 Games)
FIFA Word Cup All-Time Top Scorer  : Ronaldo (15 Goals)         
The Greatest Goalkeeper Ever : Lev Yashin
The Greatest Defender Ever : Franz Beckenbauer
The Greatest Midfielder Ever : Diego Maradona
The Greatest Forward Ever : Pele
The Greatest Player Ever :  Pele


                                               All-Time World Squad

1. Lev Yashin

Date Of Birth : 22 October 1929, Height : 189 cm
Nation : Russia, Caps  :  78 Games
 Position : Goalkeeper, Major Club :  Dynamo Moscow
World Cup Participation  : 1958, 1962, 1966, 1970 ( 12 Games )
Club Honours  : 5 Times Soviet Championship, 3 Times Soviet Cup
International Honours : 1956 Olympic Games Gold Medal
1960 European Nation’s Cup Winner, 1964 Runner-Up
Individual Achievement : 1963 European Footballer Of The Year
2 Times UEFA Euro Best Goalkeeper (1960, 1964)
8 Times European Goalkeeper Of The Year
UEFA Jubilee Award (Russia), Soviet Top League Greatest Player Ever
1967 Order Of Lenin, 2002 FIFA Dream Team
1999 IFFHS World's Goalkeeper of Century
                                                  2000 FIFA World Goalkeeper Of Century
1994 FIFA World Cup All-Time Team, 1998 FIFA World Team of The Century
Class : King Bronze

2. Lilian Thuram

Date Of Birth :   1 January 1972
Height  :  185 cm, Position  :  Right-Full-Back/ Center-Back
Major Club   :  Parma, Juventus, Caps  :  142 Games
World Cup Participation  :  1998, 2002, 2006 (16 Games)
Club Honours  :  2 Times Italian Series A, 1 Time Copa Italia
1 Time Copa De France, 1 Time UEFA Cup
International Honours  :  1998 FIFA World Cup Champion
2000 UEFA Euro, 2006 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
Individual Achievement  : 1997 French Footballer Of The Year
1997 Guerin Italian Series A Footballer Of The Year
1998 FIFA World Cup Bronze Ball, 1998 Legion de Honour
2 Times FIFA World Cup All-Star Team (1998, 2006)
1998 European Defender of The Year, 2000 UEFA Euro Best XI
                                                      Class   :  Queen Gold

3. Paolo Maldini

Date Of Birth : 29 June 1968, Height : 187 cm
Nation : Italy, Position : Left-Back/ Center-Back,
Major Club : AC Milan, Caps : 126 Games
World Cup Participation : 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002 (23 Games)
Club Honours : 7 Times Italian Series A, 1 Time Copa Italia
5 Times UEFA Champion League (1989,1990,1994,2003,2007)
3 Times UEFA Champion League Runner-Up (1993,1995,2005)
International Honours : 1994 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
2000 European Championship Runner-Up
Individual Achievement :1989 Bravo Award
2 Times UEFA Euro Best XI (1996, 2000)
2 Times FIFA World Cup All-Stars Team (1990, 1994)
2 Times Bronze Ball Ballon'Dor (1994, 2003)
1994 World Soccer Player Of The Year, 1995 Silver Ball FIFA World Player Of The Year
2004 Series A Defender Of The Year,, 2004 UEFA Champion League Best Defender 
4 Times European Defender of The Year (1994, 1995, 2003, 2005) 
Class : Queen Gold

4. Franco Baresi

Date Of Birth  :  8 May 1960
Nation  :  Italy, Caps :  81 Games
Position :  Sweeper, Height : 176 cm, Major Club : AC Milan
World Cup Participation :  1982, 1986, 1990, 1994 (10 Games)
Club Honours    :   6 Times Italian Series A
3 Times European Cup (1989, 1990, 1994), 1993 Runner-Up
2 Times Intercontinental Cup (1989, 1990)
International Honours   : 1994 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
1990 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement : 1990 FIFA World Cup All-Star Team
1989 Silver Medal European Footballer Of The Year
1990 Guerin Italian Series A Footballer Of The Year
2 Times European Defender of The Year (1989, 1993) 
                                                    AC Milan Player Of Century                                                                                                                              Class  :  Queen Gold

5. Bobby Moore

Date Of Birth  : 12 April 1941, Height  :  180 cm
Nation  :  England,  Caps : 108 Games
Position  :  Center-Back, Major Club  :  West Ham United
World Cup Participation  :   1962, 1966. 1970(18 Games)
Club Honours : 1 Time FA Cup, 1 Time Cup Winners’s Cup
International Honours : 1966 FIFA World Cup Winners
Individual Achievement : 1964 FWA Footballer Of The Year
1966 FIFA World Cup Best Defender
1966 BBC Sports Personality of The Year 
1966 European Defender of The Year
1968 UEFA Euro Best XI, 1970 Silver Ball Ballon'Dor
UEFA Jubilee Award, English Football Hall of Fame, 1967 O.B.E
1994 FIFA World Cup All-Time Team, 1998 FIFA World Team of Century
Class : Queen Gold

6. Franz Beckenbauer

Date Of Birth  :  11 September 1945
Position   :  Sweeper, Height  :  181 cm
Major Club  :  Bayern Munich, Caps   :  103 Games (14 Goals)
World Cup Participation : 1966, 1970, 1974 (18 Games)
Club Honours :   5 Times Bundesliga, 4 Times DFB Pokal
3 Times European Cup (1974, 1975, 1976)
1 Time Cup Winner’s Cup, 1976 Intercontinental Cup
International Honours : 1974 FIFA World Cup Winner, 1966 Runner-Up
1972 European Championship Winner, 1976 Runner-Up
Individual Achievement : 4 Times German Footballer Of The Year
(1966, 1968, 1974, 1976)
3 Times FIFA World Cup Team Of Tournament (1966, 1970, 1974)
2 Times European Championship Team Of Tournament (1972, 1976)
1966 FIFA World Cup Young Player Of Tournament, 1974 FIFA World Cup Best Defender
European Footballer Of The Year : Gold (1972, 1976), Silver (1974, 1975), 1966 Bronze
Bayern Munich - Bundesliga Greatest Player Ever
1994 FIFA World Cup All-Time Team, 1998 FIFA World Team Of Century
1999 IFFHS Bronze World - German Player of The Century 
Class :  King Bronze

7. Alfredo Di Stefano

Date Of Birth  :  4 July 1926, Height :  178 cm
Nation : Argentina, Caps :  31 Games for Spain (23 Goals)
Position : Second Striker/ Attacking Midfielder, Major Club : Real Madrid
Copa Score Record :  1 Tournament (6 Goals/ 5 Game)
Professional Score Record  : 471 Goals/ 639 Games
World Cup Participation :  1962 (No Game)
Club Honours  :  2 Times Argentinean League
4 Times Colombian League, 1 Time Copa Colombia
8 Times Spanish La Liga, 1 Time Copa Del Rey
1948 South American Club Champion, 1960 Intercontinental Cup
5 Times European Cup (56,57,58,59,60), 2 Times Runner-Up (62,64)
International Honours  :  1947 Copa America Winner
Individual Achievement : 1 Times Argentinean league Top Scorer
League Top Scorer : 2 Times Colombian League, 5 Times Spanish La Liga
2 Times European Cup Top Scorer (1958, 1962), 2 Times South American League Top Scorer (1947, 1951)
4 Times Spanish Player of The Year (1957, 1959, 1960, 1964), Ballon'Dor : Gold (1957, 1959), 1956 Silver Ball
Real Madrid Greatest Player Ever, UEFA Jubilee Award (Spain)
European Cup All-Time Top Scorer - Greatest Player Ever, 1998 FIFA World Team of The Century
1999 IFFHS Bronze European and South American - Spain Player of The Century
Class     :  King Bronze

8. Lionel Messi

Date Of Birth  : 24 June 1987
Nation : Argentina, Position : Second Striker, Height : 169 cm
Major Club : Barcelona, Caps : 117 Games (58 Goals/48 Assists)
Professional Score Record  : 539 Goals/252 Assists/632 Games
World Cup Participation : 2006, 2010, 2014 (15 Games/5 Goals)
Club Honours  : 8 Times Spanish La Liga, 5 Times Copa Del Rey
4 Times UEFA Champion league (2006, 2009, 2011, 2015)
International Honours : 2007, 2015, 2016 Copa America Runner-Up
2008 Olympic Game Gold Medal, 2014 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
Individual Achievement : 3 Times Spanish La Liga Top Scorer
7 Times Argentinean Footballer of The Year
3 Times European Golden Shoe (2010,2012,2013)
2 Times IFFHS International Top Scorer (2011, 2012)
3 Time La Liga Foreign Player of The Year (2007, 2009, 2010)
6 Times La Liga Player of The Year (2009 - 2013, 2015)
UEFA Champion League : 2 Times Best Forward and MVP (09, 11)
2009 Ballon'Dor, 2 Times Silver Ball (07, 08), 4 Times FIFA Ballon'Dor (10 -12,15), 2 Times Silver (2013,2014)
2009 World Soccer Player of The Year, 2 Times Silver Ball (2007, 2008)
2009 FIFA World Player of The Year, 3 Times Silver Ball (2007, 2008, 2010)
2010 - 2011 UEFA Best Player In Europe, 2012 Best International Athlete ESPY Award
2011 Argentine Sportsman of The Year, L’ Equipe World Sportman of The Year
European Champion Cup All-Time Most Top Scorers (4 Times), 2014 FIFA World Cup Golden Ball
UEFA Champion League All-Time Top Scorer - Greatest Player Ever
World All-Time Most Consecutive League Games Scorer - Highest Goalscorer In A Single Season/Year
Barcelona All-Time Top Scorer - Greatest Player Ever
Spanish La Liga All-Time Top Scorer - Greatest Player Ever
Argentina All-Time Top Scorer
Class : King Silver

9. Pele

Date Of Birth  :  23 October 1940
Position   :  Forward, Height   :  173 cm
Major Club   :  Santos, Caps   :  92 Games (77 Goals)
Professional Score Record  :  707 Goals/ 763 Games
World Cup Participation  : 1958,1962,1966,1970 (14 Games / 12 goals)
Copa America Score Record : 1 Tournament (6 Games with 8 Goals)
Club Honours   :  10 Times Brazil State Championships
5 Times Brazil National Championships
2 Times Copa Libertadores Cup (1962, 1963)
2 Times Intercontinental Cup (1962, 1963)
International Honours : 3 Times World Cup Champions (1958,1962,1966)
Individual Achievement : 1970 FIFA World Cup Best Player
Brazilian League Top Scorer : 3 Times National, 11 Times State
1970 BBC Sport Oversea Personality of The Year, 1973 South American Footballer of The Year
Santos All-Time Top Scorer - Greatest Player Ever, Campeonato Paulista Greatest Player Ever
Brazilian National League - Copa Libertadores Cup Greatest Player Ever
Brazil All-Time Top Scorer, Brazil Football Museum Hall of Fame, FIFA World Cup All-Time Top Assister
1981 L’ Equipe Athlete of The Century, 1994 France Football World Cup Best Player of All-Time
1994 FIFA World Cup All-Time Team, 1998 FIFA World Team of The Century
1999 Olympic Committee Athlete of The Century, 1999 Reuters Athlete of The Century
1999 UNICEF Footballer Player of The Century, 1999 France Football’s Football Player of The Century
1999 IFFHS South American - Brazilian Player of The Century
1999 IFFHS World Player of The Century, 1999 World Soccer Greatest Player of The Century
2000 FIFA Player of The Century, 2005 BBC Sport Personality Lifetime Achievement Awards
Class : King Gold

10. Diego Maradona                                        

Date Of Birth  :   30 October 1960
Nation : Argentina, Position : Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder
Height :  167 cm, Major Club : Argentinos Junior, Napoli
Caps  :  91 Games (34 Goals)
Professional Score Record  : 304 Goals/ 583 Games
World Cup Participation  :  1982, 1986, 1990 (21 Games)
Club Honours :  2 Times Italian Series A, 1 Time Argentinian League
1 Time Copa Del Rey,1 Time Copa Italia, 1989 UEFA Cup
International Honours  : 1986 FIFA World Cup, 1990 FIFA Runner-Up
Individual Achievement 1988 Italian Series A Top Scorer
3 Times Argentinean League Top Scorer (1979, 1980, 1981)
1 Time South American League Top Scorer
4 Times Argentina Footballer of The Year (1979, 1980, 1981, 1986)
1985 Guerin Italian Series A Footballer of The Year
                                                  FIFA World Cup : 1986 Golden Ball,1990 Bronze Ball
6 Times El Mundo South American Footballer of The Year (79,80,86,89,90,92), 82 Silver, 83 Bronze
World Soccer Player of The Year : 1986 Gold, 1987 Silver, 1985 and 1990 Bronze
2 Times Argentine Sports Writers' Sportsman of the Year (1979, 1986)
1986 United Press International Athletic of The Year, 1999 Argentine Sports Writers' Sportsman of The Century
1999 Silver Ball World Soccer Player of The Century, Silver Ball France Football’s Footballer of The Century
1999 IFFHS Silver South American - Argentina Player of The Century
1998 FIFA World Team of The Century2002 FIFA World Cup All-Time Team
2000 FIFA Best Football Player of The Century, Napoli - Italian Series A Greatest Player Ever
Class : King Silver

11. Johan Cruyff

Date Of Birth  :  25 April 1947, Height : 180 cm
Nation : Netherlands, Caps :  48 Games (33 Goals)
Position : Second Striker/ Free-Role Forward
Major Club : Ajax Amsterdem, Barcelona
Professional Score Record : 371 Goals/ 663 Games
World Cup Participation : 1974 (7 Games/3 goals)
Club Honours :  9 Times Dutch Champions
1 Time Spanish La Liga, 1 Time Copa Del Rey
6 Times Dutch Cup, 1969 European Cup Runner-Up
3 Times European Cup (1971,1972,1973), 1972 Intercontinental Cup
International Honours  :  1974 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
Individual Achievement : 1984 Dutch Golden Shoe
1974 FIFA World Cup Best Player
Ballon'Dor : Gold (1971, 1973, 1974), 1975 Bronze
1977 Spanish La Liga Player of The Year, 1978 Best Foreigner
1994 FIFA World Cup All-Time Team, 1998 FIFA World Team of The Century
1999 Silver Ball IFFHS World - European - Dutch Player of The Century
1999 Bronze Ball France Football’s Football Player of The Century
1999 Bronze Ball World Soccer Greatest Player of The Century
Ajax Amsterdam All-Time Top Scorer - Greatest Player Ever
Eredivisie Greatest Player Ever, UEFA Jubilee Awards (Netherlands)
Class : King Silver


12. Dino Zoff

Date Of Birth  :  28 February 1942, Height : 183 cm
Nation :  Italy, Caps : 112 Games, Major Club  :  Juventus
World Cup Participation  : 1970, 1974, 1978, 1982 ( 17 Games )
Club Honours   : 6 Times Italian Series A, 2 Times Coppa Italia
1977 UEFA Cup, 2 Times European Cup Runner-Up (1973, 1983)
International Honours  : 1968 European Championship Winners
1982 FIFA World Cup Winners
Individual Achievement : 1982 FIFA World Cup’s Best Goalkeeper
1973 Silver Ball European Football Of The Year
2000 FIFA World Goalkeeper Of Century
UEFA Jubilee Award (Golden Player Of Italy)
2 Times European Goalkeeper Of The Year (1980, 1981)
2 Times European Championship Best Goalkeeper (1968, 1980)
                                                   1999 IFFHS Silver World - Italian Goalkeeper of The Century
                                                   Class : Queen Gold

13. Jose Leandro Andrade

Date Of Birth : 2 November 1901
Position : Defensive Midfielder/ Right-Back
Height : 172 cm,  Nation : Uruguay, Caps : 34 Games
Major Club : Bella Vista, Nacional, Penarol  
World Cup Participation : 1930 (4 Games)
Club Honours : 4 Times Uruguay Champions
International Honours : 1930 FIFA World Cup Champion
3 Times Copa America Winners (1923, 1924, 1926)
Individual Achievement : 1926 Copa America Best Player
1924 Olympics Game Best Player
1930 FIFA World Cup All-Stars Team
Class : Queen Silver

14. Nilton Santos

Date Of Birth  : 16 May 1925
Height  : 180 cm, Position  :  Left-Back
Nation : Brazil, Caps : 75 Games
Major Club :  Botafogo, Club Honours :   None
World Cup Participation : 1950, 1954, 1958, 1962 (15 Games)
International Honors : 2 Times FIFA World Cup Winners (1958, 1962)
3 Times Copa America Runner-Up (1953, 1957, 1959)
Individual Achievement  : 1958 FIFA World Cup All-Star Team
1998 FIFA World Team Of Century
Brazil Football Museum Hall Of Fame
Class :  Queen Gold

15. Elias Figueroa

Date Of Birth  :   25 October 1946
Nation : Chile, Caps :  47 Games
Height  : 183 cm, Position : Center-Back
Major Club : Penarol, Internacional
World Cup Participation : 1966, 1974, 1982 (9 Games)
Club Honours   :   2 Times Brazil National Championship
2 Times Uruguay Champion, 2 Times Chile League
International Honours   :  1979 Copa America Runner-Up
Individual Achievement : 1981 Chile Sportsman Of The Year
2 Times Brazilian League Footballer Of The Year (1972, 1976)
3 Times South American Footballer Of The Year (1974, 1975, 1976)
1977 Bronze Ball South American Footballer of The Year
1999 IFFHS Chile Player of The Century
                                                    Class : Queen Gold

16. Lothar Matthaeus

Date Of Birth  :  21 March 1961
Nation : Germany, Caps : 150 Games (23 Goals)
Position  : Box-To-Box Midfielder, Height : 175 cm
Major Club : Inter Milan, Bayern Munich 
World Cup Participation  :  1982,1986,1990,1994,1998 (25 Games)
Club Honours : 1 Time Italian Series A
7 Times Bundesliga, 2 Times DFB-Pokal, 2 Times UEFA Cup (1991,1996)
2 Times UEFA Champion League Runner-Up (1987, 1999)
International Honours  : 1990 FIFA World Cup Champion
1986 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
Individual Achievement : 1978 Bravo Award, 1988 UEFA Euro Best XI
2 Times German Footballer Of The Year (1990, 1999)
1990 FIFA World Cup Golden Ball, Ballon'Dor : Gold 1990, 1991 Silver 
1990 World Soccer/IFFHS World Best Player Of The Year 
1991 FIFA World Player of The Year
                                                     Class : Queen Gold

17. Michel Platini

Date Of Birth  :   21 June 1955
Nation : France, Caps :  72 Games (41 Goals)
Position :  Playmaking-Attacking Midfielder
Height :  178 cm, Major Club : Nancy, Juventus
Professional Score Record  : 318 Goals/ 580 Games
World Cup Participation  :  1978, 1982, 1986 (14 Games)
Club Honours  :  1 Time French League, 1 Time French Cup
2 Times Italian Series A, 1 Time Copa Italia
1984 European Cup Winners’ Cup, 1985 Intercontinental Cup
1985 European Cup Winner, 1983 Runner-Up
International Honours  :  1984 European Championship Winner
1986 FIFA World Cup Third place
Individual Achievement : 2 Times French Player of The Year (1976, 1977)
                                                 1984 Guerin Italian Series A Player of The Year
1986 FIFA World Cup All Star Team, 1984 European Championship Top Scorer - Best Player 
European Footballer of The Year : Gold (1983,1984,1985), 1977 and 1980 Bronze Ball
World Soccer Player of The Year : Gold (1984, 1985), 1983 Silver
1994 FIFA World Cup All-Time Team, 1998 FIFA World Team of The Century
1999 IFFHS France Player of The Century, Golden Ball French Player of The Century
Juventus' Greatest Player Ever, French Ligue Greatest Ever
European Championship Most Consecutive Games Scorer - All-Time Top Scorer - Greatest Player Ever
Class :  King Bronze

18. Garrincha

Date Of Birth  :  28 October 1933
Nation : Brazil, Caps  :  50 Games (12 Goals)
Position : Right-Winger, Height : 169 cm, Major Club :  Botafogo
World Cup Participation  : 1958, 1962, 1966 (12 Games)
Club Honours   :  3 Times Campeonato Carioca
2 Times Brazil National Championship, Rio-Sao Paulo Tournament 
1963 Paris Intercontinental Tournament
International Honours  : 2 Times FIFA World Cup Winners (1958, 1962)
3 Times Copa America Runner-Up (1953, 1957, 1959)
Individual Achievement : 3 Times Campeonato Carioca Best Player
1962 Brazil National Championship Best Player
1962 FIFA World Cup Best Player – Golden Shoe
1994 FIFA World Cup All-Time Team
                                                    1998 FIFA World Cup Team of The Century
                                                     Brazil Football Museum Hall Of Fame
                                                     Class : Queen Gold

19. Cristiano Ronaldo

Date Of Birth  :  5 February 1985, Height :  186 cm
Nation  : Portugal, Major Club : Manchester United, Real Madrid
Position : Side-Forward, Caps:  138 Games (71 Goals/24 Assists)
World Cup Participation : 2006, 2010 (13 Games/2 Goals/2 Assists)
Professional Scores Record : 529 Goals/ 181 assists/ 717 Games
Club Honours : 3 Times Premier League, 2 Times Spanish La Liga
1 Time FA Cup, 2 Times League Cup, 2 Times Copa Del Rey
4 Times UEFA Champion League (08,14,16,17), 2009 Runner-Up
2 Times FIFA Club World Cup (2008, 2014)
International Honours : 2004 UEFA Euro Runner-Up
2016 UEFA Euro Winner
Individual Achievement : 2004 Bravo Award
3 Times La Liga Top Scorer, Portugal All-Time Top Scorer
2007 Portuguese Footballer of The Year 
1 Time La Liga Player of The Year (2014)  
2 Times PFA and FWA Player of the Year (2007, 2008)
2008 UEFA Club Footballer of the Year, Best Forward 
2013 IFFHS International Top Scorer, 5 Times UEFA Champion League Top Scorer (08,13,14,16,17)
UEFA Champion League All-Time Most Top Scorers
4 Times European Golden Shoe (08, 11, 14, 15), European Golden Shoe Most Winners
2008 European Footballer of The Year, 2 Times Silver Ball (2007,2009), 2013 - 2014 UEFA Best Player
2008 FIFA World Player of the Year, 2009, 2018 Silver, 2007 Bronze
2 Times FIFA Ballon D’or (2013, 2014), Silver : (2011, 2012, 2015)
European Champion Cup All-Time Highest Scorer In A Single Tournament, All-Time Top Scorer
2 Times UEFA Euro Best XI (2004, 2012), 2014 Best International Athlete ESPY Awards
2014 BBC Oversea Sports Personality of The Year, Portugal & Real Madrid All-Time Top Scorer
FPF Portuguese Greatest Player Ever
Class : King Bronze

20. Zico

Date Of Birth : 3 March 1953
Position  : Attacking Midfielder, Height : 172 cm
Major Club : Flamengo, Caps : 72 Games (52 Goals)
Professional Score Record  : 476 Goals/ 696 Games
World Cup Participation  : 1978, 1982, 1986 (13 Games)
Club Honours  : 7 Times Brazil State Championship
4 Times Brazil National Championship
1981 Copa Libertadores Cup, 1981 Intercontinental Cup
International Honours  : 1978 FIFA World Cup Third Place
Individual Achievement : 2 Times Brazil Footballer of The Year (1974, 1982)
6 Times Brazil State Championship Top Scorer
2 Times Brazil National Championship Top Scorer
2 Times Silver Ball South American Footballer of the Year (1976, 1980)
3 Times South American Footballer of The Year (1977, 1981, 1982)
1982 FIFA World Cup All Star Team, World Soccer Player of The Year : 1983 Gold, 1984 Bronze
Flamengo - Campeonato Carioca All-Time Top Scorer - Greatest Player Ever
Brazil Football Museum Hall of Fame
Class : King Bronze

21. Ferenc Puskas

Date Of Birth  :  2 April 1927, Height : 174 cm
Nation : Hungary, Caps :  85 Games (84 Goals)
Position : Forward, Major Club : Honved, Real Madrid
Professional Score Record : 662 Goals/ 669 Games
World Cup Participation  : 1954 (6 Games / 4 Goals)
Club Honours  :  5 Times Hungarian League
5 Times Spanish La Liga, 1 Time Copa Del Rey
2 Times European Cup Runner-Up (1962, 1964)
3 Times European Cup Winners (1959, 1960, 1966)
1960 Intercontinental Cup
International Honours  : 1952 Olympic Games Gold Medal
1953 Central European International Cup
1954 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
Individual Achievement : 4 Times Hungarian league Top Scorer 
4 Times Spanish La Liga Top Scorer, 3 Times European Cup Top Scorer (1960,1962,1964)
1948 European League - World League Top Scorer,1953 Central European International Cup Top Scorer
1960 Silver Ball European Footballer of The Year 
1994 World All-Time Dream Team, 1999 IFFHS Hungary Player of The Century
Hungary All-Time Top Scorer, Hungarian League Greatest Player Ever
L'Equipe European Footballer of the Century,UEFA Jubilee Awards (Hungary)
Class : King Bronze

22. Ronaldo

Date Of Birth : 22 September 1976, Height : 183 cm
Nation : Brazil, Caps  :  97 Games (62 Goals),
Major Club :  Barcelona, Real Madrid, Position :  Fast Striker
World Cup Participation : 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006 (19 Games/ 15 Goals)
Copa America Score Record :  3 Tournaments (10 Goals/ 13 Games)
Professional Score Record  :  340 Goals/ 484 Games
Club Honours : 2 Times Brazil State, 2 Times Brazil Cup
1 Time Spanish La Liga, 1 Time Copa Del Rey, 1 Time Dutch Cup
1997 Cup Winners’ Cup, 1998 UEFA Cup, 2002 Intercontinental Cup
International Honours   :   1997 FIFA Confederation Cup
2 Times Copa America Winners (1994, 2002), 1998 Runner-Up
2002 FIFA World Cup Champion, 1998 Runner-Up
Individual Achievement :  3 Times Bravo Awards (1995, 1997, 1998)
League Top Scorer : 1 Time Dutch League, 2 Times Spanish La Liga 
Copa America : 1997 Best Player,1999 Top Scorer
FIFA World Cup : 1998 Golden Ball, 2002 Silver Ball/Golden Shoe
1997 European Golden Boot, Spanish La Liga Foreign Player of The Year
1998 Italian Series A Footballer of The Year, UEFA Club Most Valuable Player And Best Forward
2002 BBC Sport Oversea Personality of The Year
2006 CONMEBOL FIFA World Cup Qualification Top Scorer
European Footballer of The Year : 1997 and 2002 Gold, 1996 and 1998 Silver
World Soccer Player of The Year : Gold (1996, 1997, 2002), 1998 Bronze
FIFA World Player of The Year : Gold (1996, 1997, 2002), 1998 Silver, 2003 Bronze
France Football All-Time World XI, Brazil Football Museum Hall of Fame
Class : Queen Gold


Rinus Michels

Date Of Birth :  9 February 1928, Nation  :  Netherlands
Major Team : Netherlands (5 Years)
Ajax Amsterdam (7 Seasons), Barcelona (6 Seasons)
Major Achievement : 4 Times Dutch League, 3 Times Dutch Cup
1 Time Spanish La Liga, 1 Time Copa Del Rey, 1 Time DFB Pokal
1971 European Cup Winner, 1969 Runner-Up
1974 FIFA World Cup Runner-Up
1988 European Championship Winners, 1992 Semi-Finalist
1 Time European Cup Semi-Finalist
2 Times Dutch Double Champions
Individual Achievement : 1988 World Soccer Manager of The Year
1999 Dutch Manager of The Century
2002 Knight of The KNVB:        
2002 UEFA Lifetime Award
Ajax Amsterdam’s Greatest Manager Ever
Netherlands’ Greatest Manager Ever
                                              Style : Attacking

Conclusion of Squad

GK : Lev Yashin, Dino Zoff
DF   : Lilian Thuram, Paolo Maldini, Bobby Moore, Franco Baresi, Lilian Thuram, Nilton Santos, Elias Figueroa, Franz Beckenbauer (Captain)
MF :  Lothar Matthaeus, Michel Platini, George Best, Diego Maradona, Zico, Garrincha,
FW : Ferenc Puskas, Alfredo Di Stefano, Johan Cruyff, Pele, Lionel Messi, Ronaldo

Manager : Rinus Michels

Formation XI

Explanation of Formation

The team strategy is central offensive assault. Yashin stands as a final wall. Defensive line is balance with two full-backs Maldini and Thuram and a partnership of central defenders. Maldini and Thuram would support the wing area when Maradona and Cruyff moves inside. Baresi is primarily a sweeper behind Moore but the role could be switched under the compulsory situation. Beckenbauer is a defensive holding midfielder, is responsible for stop the opponents between the defensive and midfield area and is also an important player to create the game from the deep-lying midfield zone. Di Stefano is based on three-quarter area to support the central area of the front-line and is essentially assigned a defensive task in the midfield. Maradona and Cruyff plays as a semi-side attacking midfielder and has an independent role to beat opponents by personal technique and also support the front area. Pele and Messi operates the game between deep-lying forward from central to semi-side area or to top zone depend on rhythm of the offensive game.    


By Decades

1920s : 1
1930s : -
1940s : -
1950s :  4.5
1960s :  2.5
1970s :  4
1980s :  4
1990s :  2.5
2000s :  2.5
2010s :  1

By Nations

Brazil : 5
Italy : 3
Argentina : 3
United Kingdom : 2
Germany : 2
France : 2
Portugal : 1
Netherlands : 1
Hungary : 1
Russia : 1
Chile : 1
Uruguay : 1

                                           Alternative Formation XI





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1. The 2nd Half 1950s
2. The 2nd Half 1980s, The 2nd Half 1960s
3. The 1st Half 1950s, The 1st Half 1960s, The 1st Half 1970s
4. The 1st Half 1930s, The 1st Half 1980s, The 1st Half 1990s
5. 1920s, The 2nd Half 1940s
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9. The 1st Half 2010s
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1. 1989
2. 1974
3. 1980
4. 2000
5. 1968


  1. Facchetti in, Thuram out
    Figueroa in, Scirea out
    Zidane in, Matthews out
    Puskas in, Messi out

    1. Facchetti is a potential great right-back player as his right foot was effectively usable but I need the existed performance to rate player.
      Figueroa's skill is argued not inferior to Scirea but he was lack of international success.
      I need right-winger to substitute Garrincha and Matthews is the second best right-winger ever.
      In all-time ranking, I still rate Puskas ahead of Messi but the criteria is just different to all-time squad which is set a peak performance in higher proportion.

      Best player of the world by the FIFA[10][11] 1975, 1976
      All-Star Team of 1974 FIFA World Cup[12] Best defense of the tournament[13] 1974
      South American Footballer of the Year[14] 1974–1975–1976
      Third place South American Footballer of the Year 1977
      Best South American defense of the year[15] 1972-1973-1974-1975-1976-1977
      Best global defense of the year[16] 1974-1975-1976-1977
      Bola de Ouro Brazil's best player[17] 1972–1976
      Bola de Prata 1972– 1974- 1975– 1976
      Best player of Uruguay[18] 1967, 1968, 1971
      Best foreigner player of the century in Brazil [19] 2001
      Best foreigner player of the century in Uruguay 2000
      Best footballer of the year in Chile 1966, 1981
      Best sportsman of the year of Chile 1981
      Chilean Footballer of the History of Circle of Sports Journalists of Chile[20] 1999
      N° 37 The World's best Player of the Century IFFHS[21] 1999/2000
      N° 8 South America best Player of the Century IFFHS[22] 1999/2000
      N° 1 Chilean best Player of the Century IFFHS[23] 1999/2000
      N° 1 South America best Defender of the Century IFFHS[24] 1999/2000
      List FIFA 100 of Pelé 2004
      Member of South American Team of the 20th Century[25] 1999
      Member of historical team by the American Cup[26][27][28][29][30] 2011
      Member of Dream Team of Peñarol of all time[31] 2002
      Member Bicentennial Team of Santiago Wanderers[32] 2010
      Most influential footballer in the history of Sport Club Internacional of Porto Alegre.[33] 2012
      Placar magazine (Brazil) N 19° in published a list of the best 100 players of all time[34] 1999
      Playboy Brazil magazine N 13° in published a list of voted among the best in history[35] 2005
      World Soccer magazine; selected in published a list of the best 50 players of all time[36] 2010
      Sports Illustrated Latino; Elected at the eleventh ideal of the past 50 years of South American football[37] 2012
      Distinction as Ambassador to the UN by the Sports Program for Development and Peace[38] 2002
      Distinction of the order "Knight of Rio Branco" granted by the Federative Republic of Brazil[39][40] 2000
      Award of CONMEBOL by exalt to South American soccer[41][42][43] 2009
      Member of the Walk of Fame Stadium Maracana[44] 2000
      Was nominated constantly to Selection of the World and South America from 19 years 1966–1982
      Was only player alongside Hugo Sánchez that has participated in three World Cups alternately 1966– 1974- 1982
      Sent off just once in 18-year career[45] 1965–1983
      Was captain in all teams where he played 1966–1982

    3. You're misunderstood my mention. I means he is lack of success in international competition not international individual awards.

    4. The individual titles is that difenciam players, Figueroa stood out even playing in a weak team like Chile. For me, better than Gaetano Scirea, classify it among the top three defenders in history alongside Franz Beckembauer and Bob Moore. However, it is my opinion.

  2. Now I just remove Garrincha from All-Time XI and is replaced by Messi. It is not only refer to Messi's better place in all-time ranking but also tactical awareness. As I set Pele as a top striker, the second forward line consists of three players all should support scoring enough and crossing from the side area is less often (Cruyff and Maradona is qualified but Garrincha was not much great in scoring). As a result of Garrincha's bench, Matthews is removed and replaced by Puskas.

  3. Jose Leandro Andrade replaced Thuram in a reserved right-back position as Thuram played as Right-Back in a shorter period than many others. Although J.L.Andrade is not a natural defender, he could be fit to wing-back position applied from wing-half position. C.Alberto and Vogts are also a great choices but the all-time ranking see J.L.Andrade is much higher than the two defenders.

  4. Anonymous10/25/2014

    you need to add first half 2010s

    1. Scope of the first half 2010s is between the 2010 - 2011 and the 2014 - 2015 season which means I'll update all involved list at the end of the season.

    2. Anonymous10/25/2014

      Thank you for answering, i was interested: are you by any chance interested in nba basketball?

    3. For me, Basketball is entertained to watch and if soccer sports is unavailable in this planet, I'd have stick to watch it. On the other hand, soccer is by far more passionate game than Basketball for me.

  5. Dear, Readers

    I decide to replace Scirea by Figueroa while Scirea is still rated in higher place in all-time best defenders list because selection is considered base on tactic within squad. Baresi and Beckenbauer both are sweeper and I need one more center-back to reserve Bobby Moore like Figueroa who is also a better defensive player than Scirea.

  6. Yeah!! I think football is an entertaining game and hot topic of discussion among many people. I know every fan has their favorite football players. Jerry Rice and Barry Sanders are my best football player. They are among greatest players in NFL history.
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  7. Anonymous12/31/2014

    Have you thought about Carlos Alberto as a starter? His total performance maybe was slightly lower than Djalma Santos but in his peak I think he's clearly better.

    1. Djalma is seen to tougher and more reliable in defensive task although he has a lower creative force in the edge of the field. I rate him slightly inferior to Carlos Alberto in the peak but consistency is far superior.

    2. Djalma is seen to tougher and more reliable in defensive task although he has a lower creative force in the edge of the field. I rate him slightly inferior to Carlos Alberto in the peak but consistency is far superior.

    3. Anonymous12/31/2014

      Ok, I understand. This list is based only in total performance or you considered peak performance also?

    4. Peak performance in selection to squad is given more important than positional ranking but consistency qualification is still a main factor.

    5. Anonymous6/07/2015

      What about Bernard Vukas in 50's !?

  8. Julien Daruí (France) years 40.

    1. Do you intend to suggest to include him or anything else ?

  9. Yes, for me the Julien Darui was better than Frank Swift, the goalkeeper of the century was chosen by the magazine LÈquipe, goalkeeper century. Although a French magazine, was a title, Frank Swift had no indivudual title I know.

    1. I'm not sure how L'Equipe selected player but it is difficult to believe one of the very shortest keepers ever likes him will perform that great. 168 cm is by far too short to reach the ball in many cases.

  10. Dear, Readers

    Recently, I have changed the formation graphic and also made some replacement of players in squad as below ;

    Jose Balauste replaces Francisco Olazar in the 1910s
    Hapgood replaces Simistik in the 1st half 1930s with reformation.
    De La Mata replaces Zizinho in the 1st half 1940s
    Kopa replaces Puskas in the 2nd Half 1950s with reformation.
    Falcao replaces Keegan in the 2nd Half 1970s with reformation.

    The formation graphic is also changed in International Legendary Museum.

  11. Anonymous2/07/2015

    Of players in the "second" XI, did Garrincha come closest to making the "first" XI, or was another position closer?

    1. If you ask who came closest, it would be interpreted to the narrowest gap between a starter and his supposed reserved player. The answer is Matthaeus who is lower than the first team player in DM posiiton (Beckenbauer) only 2.1 point in scorecard.

  12. Anonymous5/26/2015

    Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo
    Diego Maradona Zinedine Zidane Roberto Baggio Johan Cruyff
    Ruud Krol Daniel Passarella Fabio Cannavaro Roberto Carlos
    Manuel Neuer

  13. Luke Smith6/22/2015

    For your 1st half of the 2010's, I think you've done on the whole a great job, but I would argue for either Andrea Pirlo or Bastien Schweinsteiger over Frank Ribery. Ribery has contributed nothing on international level, while Schweinsteiger has won a world cup, and marked Messi out of the final. At club level, Andrea Pirlo revitalised a very average Juventus and took them to 4 consecutive titles. The others also enjoyed domestic success, but were far less influential. And its also worth remembering that Ribery is a winger, while the other two are actually central midfielders.

  14. Anonymous8/01/2015

    For the most part I agree on the final few teams (the late 90s onwards is where most of my knowledge is), however, I'd say anybody from Pirlo, Scholes or Lampard could edge out Gerrard in the second half of 2000s team. When it comes from Gerrard vs Lampard, for example, Lampard beats Gerrard on goals, assists, goal involvement and win %. Scholes and Pirlo were not the same type of midfielder as Gerrard, but their passing ability, footballing brains and simple class put them above Gerrard, in my opinion of course.

    1. Lampard is more productive than Gerrard is only an advantage. Gerrard was more dynamic and diverse and is definitely more influential than Lampard. Importantly Pirlo and Scholes would not be compatible to Xavi in the tactic provision and media rating/awards support Gerrard has a higher performance profile than the two.

  15. Well,
    You can make a 3-5-2 and replace Djalma Santos with Figueroa and put Baresi in the second team. My team is:
    Yashin; Figueroa, Moore and Maldini; Beckenbauer, Zidane, Cruyff and Maradona; Pelé; Messi and Garrincha.
    Figueroa is one of the best defenders in all time, can't be at the second team.

    1. He did not prove in international competition enough not likes all others in the all-time XI.

  16. Anonymous10/22/2015

    Nelson Luis Da Costa thank you for pointing out Elias Figueroa's accomplishment through out his entire not just at a South American level but from the very beginning to the very end of his career. To me Figueroa might as well the most under-rated player in the history of Fifa Superstars because of his lack of international triumph. It is travesty that Figueroa never played in the UEFA Champions League because boy would he had caused havoc to the likes of Cruyff and Muller just to say a couple.

  17. Anonymous10/22/2015

    GK Neuer
    D Figueroa
    D Zidane
    D Beckenbauer
    MF Ronaldo (Portugal)
    MF Di Stefano
    MF Cryuff
    MF Ronaldo (Brazil)
    F Messi
    F Pele
    F Maradona

  18. Well, I think Dom Elias Figueroa is one of the Top 5 best defenders ever and deserves first team. He played for a weak team like Chile, but in his peak performance was too much better than Gaetano Scirea and Passarella (and in my opinion better than Baresi too). My team is:
    GK: Yashin
    CB: Maldini
    CB: Moore
    CB: Figueroa
    SW/DM: Beckenbauer
    Playmaking: Zidane
    Playmaking: Maradona
    Deep Lying Forward: Pelé
    Second ST:Cruyff
    Second ST: Di Stéfano
    ST: Messi
    Manager: Rinus Michels

    1. That is always debatable. At least Figueroa is stronger than Baresi but the tactical defensive ability, vision and intelligence is seen to be inferior.

  19. Anonymous11/23/2015

    Dani Alves is deserved to be in the best squad of first half 2010s and have you considered other cases yet?

    1. I already set the formation of first half 2010s, I'd prefer Sergio Ramos as a right-back although he primarily performed as center-back. The formation is flexible to include all possibilities to fulfill its high potential.

  20. wow great squad, you forget Zidane, and Cafu, but 90% is correct.

    1. I'm not forget. Cafu's ability is clearly inferior to Thuram who is also not included here. Zidane is not named in this squad as Platini and Zico are rated better.

  21. maybe, Oliver Kahn or Buffon, Zidane, Cafu for one complete team.

  22. Anonymous1/18/2016

    Sergio Ramos? He is very violent

    Daniel Alves is more technical it was already 4 times for Fifpro
    Dani Alves >>>>>>>>>>Sergio Ramos

  23. Anonymous1/18/2016

    Before the 80 Football was an amateur

    The best players in the history came after that
    U can not consider players from the 20s better than professional players

    5. 1920s, The Second Half 1940s
    6. The Second Half 1930s, The First Half 1940s, The Second Half 1970s, The First Half 2000s
    7. The Second Half 1990s
    8. The Second Half 2000s
    9. The First Half 2010s

    This order is wrong

    Football has changed it evolved players and old teams NEVER would play today

    1. It is the circumstance prevention even the standard of football is lower than the modern era. Great players with high remarkable level under the circumstance of era is always important. If compare across era directly, history of football would be highly devalued.

    2. To tell the truth modern football is boring now with the accent always on defence. Much more entertaining in the past when teams actually tried to win and ENTERTAIN.

  24. Anonymous1/21/2016

    U think players before age 80 would play in today's football?

    Your honest opinion

    1. No but as I said, it is unfair to compare directly without standard of era consideration.

    2. Anonymous7/19/2016

      I don't fully understand. I agree that players from old era's shouldn't be penalized from playing when they played but i don't understand how can you talk about some supposedly lower competitiveness in this era, and "weak era" and so on. In my opinion players should be judged by how they played when they played.

    3. I was saying players in the 1980s should not play well enough if they sit the time machine to play in nowadays football since they're not prepare for the extremely physical combat. So I thought it should not compare in this way. In any standard of era, player could play superbly, well, satisfactory or even bad in their own era. For the current era, I think standard of superstars has been lowered but increased for overall.

    4. Anonymous7/19/2016

      I think we can agree that Messi and Ronaldo are more separeted from the rest than, for example Maradona and Platini were from other players in their time. So if standard for superstars is lower but higher overall it should be the other way around.


  26. I liked the site the best football history theme, but some points could have been different, for example in the early 1980s, could have put the sides, Left Back and Right-Back, Leovegildo Junior and Leandro Ferreira highlights Brazilian team of the season along with Zico and Falcao, Brazilian selection that even having not won the World Cup was considered the best team in the world, outside these two sides were holders Flamengo club that dominated the Brail at the time with titles and records considered one of biggest clubs in the history of football in the twentieth century, the Left Back Leovegildo Junior went on to win the best player award for Serie if not mistaken in 1985 and was part of the team of FIFA at the time, but with some even with some disagreements its work is great congratulations

    1. Leo Junior has become a strong issue as he was performing in similar level to Cabrini. Unfortunately, Brazil and Flamengo was much less successful than Italy and Juventus internationally. That’s why he was not selected. Leandro was amazing but he appeared for Brazil in too few games.

  27. Anonymous3/16/2016

    Conclusion squad has to be updated after the inclusion of Cr7 instead of Best. It's the same for Andrade instead of Thuram.

    Maybe Zidane can be included. This way we will have 23 men in the squad.

    1. Thanks for notification. Anyway, I’d prefer not to expand to 23 when the 23th player is allowed to be goalkeeper in the real history.

  28. Anonymous3/16/2016

    Maybe Fachetti should be added as left back instead of Nilton Santos in the squad.

    I don't know why but I have the feeling that the 2 Santos Djalma and Nilton are a bit overrated in general.

    1. You can see I rate Facchetti better in all-time ranking in both positional and footballer list. However, the squad selection criteria gives more weight in peak performance and Nilton Santos is superior to Facchetti in overall quality.

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    1. I’m sorry for my very late replying. I enter to your link but it now seems to have been disappeared ? could you reestablish it ?

  30. Anonymous7/09/2016

    According to your scores, Alex Ferguson has to be the coach here.

    1. The scores in PHF is implemented in different criteria. Here is given more proportion in international country competition so Rinus Michels make a superior.

    2. Anonymous7/09/2016

      I understand. But, if you gives more weight to peak performance and international country competition, why Thuram isn't in the team instead of Djalma Santos? You put an AA- peak performance to Thuram and a A+ to Djalma. Djalma has 0.4 more points in total performance but both have 80.2 in international country competition and Thuram made an amazing World Cup in 1998.

    3. You have a good point as I mentioned the peak is preferable but I think it is less preferable for defensive players that always required consistency. I see Nilton Santos has a strong offensive skill to cite he has a higher peak and the same reason prevent him to take Maldini's place. In summary, the higher peak is allowed to take advantage when the one has much higher peak than one for defensive players. I don't think Thuram made that distance to Djalma Santos.

    4. Anonymous7/10/2016

      Ok, I understand your point. But talking about the case Maldini vs Nilton Santos, I don't understand very well. Are you saying that Nilton has a higher peak? I always think that Maldini has a higher peak, you put Maldini higher in your list "The Highest Defender's Peaks of All-Time".

    5. I means at the any moment of career, Nilton might be claimed to have a higher peak by some who set the significance of offensive ability very high but even so I don't think Nilton Santos could be ahead of Maldini in overall.

  31. My friend, Figueroa was chosen on the FIFA World Cup Team 1974 as the best defender above Beckenbauer despite his team Chile, did not pass the first round. Dearman must update this information in the Individual Achievement of Figueroa. The source is FIFA.COM in the article entitled "Figueroa, Chile's defensive commander"

    1. As I said the awards was conducted unofficially.

  32. Anonymous8/22/2016

    Ronaldo is already good enough for the team and if not so at least in the future he will and I think Guardiola's 4-1-4-1(the formation he plays at City now and patented at Bayern) will be the best for inclduing superstars.

    And why don't you play with Matthaus instead of Moore to have higher value in the team?

    Yashin-Maldini-Beckenbauer-Moore-Djalma as defencesame as Guardiola

    Matthaus same as Fernandinho
    CR7 as Nolito
    Maradona as David Silva and Cruyff as DeBruyne and Messi as Sterling on the right with Pele being the forward.

  33. Because I don't want to have Beckenbauer as a defensive partnership with Baresi. Both are considered to be libero when Baresi is a must in defence.

  34. Anonymous8/23/2016

    Why is Baresi a must instead of Moore?

  35. Anonymous10/13/2016

    For 2010 squad, you can go with 4-4-2. With Iniesta and Xavi central midfielders and Robben at the right and Ribery at the left.

    1. C.Ronaldo could play well as center-forward but not his best position. That is fit to 4-3-3 formation.

    2. That would be the right formation though. Both Cristiano and Messi have played as part of a two men attack, maybe not as pure strickers but as wingers/support forwards.

    3. That would be the right formation though. Both Cristiano and Messi have played in two-men attacks, maybe not as pure strickers but still. I don´t recall Ribéry playing as a right MC, and anyway he got his recognition playing in the right wing, you can´t just move him. It´s either CR and Messi as forwards or Ribéry out.

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  37. 4-4-2

    ..........Pele Van Basten
    Cruyff Zidane Rijkaard Messi
    Maldini Kohler Baresi Lahm

    1. Messi on the right-wing ? That will extremely reduce his potential.

  38. Not really because he isn't going to be an outright winger as Lahm will be doing his part getting forward putting in crosses and Messi will be able to cut inside as often as he likes and essentially play in the same areas as he does for Barcelona.... anyway I've had a rethink on my team and decided to replace Zidane and Rijkaard with Best and Matthaus and bring Cruyff to the centre as he is a better tackler than Zidane... Messi stays on the right still... I'll post my team in a minute.

  39. 4-4-2 formation...

    .............Pele...Van Basten

    5 Subs... Zidane, Maradona, Zico, Rijkaard, Beckenbauer.

  40. Anonymous6/22/2017

    W.COBBOLD - england
    G.O.SMITH - england
    V.WOODWARD - england
    J.GILLESPIE - scotland
    I.GRADIN - uruguay
    L.ALLEMANDI - italy
    D.ARELLANO - chile
    P.PETRONE - uruguay
    F.SESUMAGA - spain
    M.ABEGGLEN - switzerland
    S.MINELLI - switzerland
    TRELLO - switzerland
    I.LANGARA - spain

  41. I cannot take this page serious!

    A greatest of all time team without Gerd Mueller is a joke!

    1. He is rated in the same class as Ronaldo (Brazil) who performed in higher peak so that'why Muller is second to him in selection.

  42. Anonymous9/24/2017

    It's hard to decide for the best 11. I would write who can compete for the best 11.

    GOALKEEPER: Yashin, Zoff, Schmeichel
    CENTRAL DEFENDER: Beckenbauer, Baresi, Moore, Passarella, Scirea,
    SIDE BACK: Maldini, N.Santos, D.Santos, Thuram, Facchetti, Krol, Vogts
    CENTRAL MIDFIELDER: Matthaus, Ocwirk, Bozsik, Rijkaard
    PLAYMAKER: Zidane, M.Laudrup, Charlton, L. M. Suarez, Rivera
    WINGER: Garrincha, Best
    TREQUARTISTA: Maradona, Cruyff, Ronaldinho, Di Stefano, Zico, Platini,
    Kopa, Moreno, Gullit
    FORWARD: Pele, Messi, Cristiano, Sindelar, Eusebio, Puskas, Meazza,
    Henry, Puskas
    STRIKER: Ronaldo, Romario, Van Basten, Muller

  43. Anonymous9/26/2017


  44. Anonymous10/17/2017

    Is Zoff here in front of Buffon because of higher peak?

    1. Yes, He is here because of his higher prime performance.

  45. Why do you change your mind and now you include Thuram in the team?

    1. As I have been doing skill evaluation project, I have seen Djalma Santos' ability is much below Thuram level. I also wrote details in

  46. List of top 10 best players from each decades (Source is from the radio based in Germany, Berlin-Britz):

    Decade of 1900: 1- Billy Meredith (Wales) / 2- Steve Bloomer (England) / 3- Vivian Woodward (England) / 4- Robert Hamilton (Scotland) / 5- Bob Crompton (England) / 6- Bok de Korver (Netherlands) / 7- Jimmy Quinn (Scotland) / 8- Johannes Gandil (Denmark) / 9- Alf Common (England) / 10- Eugen Kipp (Germany)

    Decade of 1910: 1- Imre Schlosser (Hungary) / 2- Pichichi (Spain) / 3- José Piendibene (Uruguay) / 4- Louis Van Hege (Belgium) / 5- Sam Hardy (England) / 6- Jan Vaník (Czechoslovakia) / 7- Karl Gustafsson (Sweden) / 8- Alberto Ohaco (Argentina) / 9- Adolf Jäger (Germany) / 10- Niels-Poul Nielsen (Denmark)

    Decade of 1920: 1- José Leandro Andrade (Uruguay) / 2- Ricardo Zamora (Spain) / 3- Héctor Scarone (Uruguay) / 4- Hughie Gallacher (Scotland) / 5- Arthur Friedenreich (Brazil) / 6- Charlie Buchan (England) / 7- Wacław Kuchar (Poland) / 8- José Nasazzi (Uruguay) / 9- Karel Pešek-Káďa (Czechoslovakia) / 10- Giampiero Combi (Italy)

    Decade of 1930: 1- Matthias Sindelar (Austria) / 2- Giuseppe Meazza (Italy) / 3- František Plánička (Czechoslovakia) / 4- Leônidas (Brazil) / 5- Silvio Piola (Italy) / 6- Arsenio Erico (Paraguay) / 7- Dixie Dean (England) / 8- Jimmy McGrory (Scotland) / 9- György Sárosi (Hungary) / 10- Antonio Sastre (Argentina)

    Decade of 1940: 1- Stanley Matthews (England) / 2- José Manuel Moreno (Argentina) / 3- Valentino Mazzola (Italy) / 4- Josef Bican (Czechoslovakia) / 5- Telmo Zarra (Spain) / 6- Ademir (Brazil) / 7- Adolfo Perdenera (Argentina) / 8- Tommy Lawton (England) / 9- Gyula Zsengellér (Hungary) / 10- Franz Binder (Austria)

    Decade of 1950: 1- Alfredo di Stéfano (Spain) / 2- Ferenc Puskás (Hungary) / 3- Garrincha (Brazil) / 4- Juan Alberto Schiaffino (Uruguay) / 5- Raymond Kopa (France) / 6- Fritz Walter (Germany) / 7- Didi (Brazil) / 8- Gunnar Nordhal (Sweden) / 9- Amadeo Carrizo (Argentina) / 10- Just Fontaine (France)

    Decade of 1960: 1- Pelé (Brazil) / 2- Eusébio (Portugal) / 3- Gianni Rivera (Italy) / 4- George Best (Northern Ireland) / 5- Bobby Moore (England) / 6- Lev Yashin (Soviet Union) / 7- Bobby Charlton (England) / 8- Luis Suarez Miramontes (Spain) / 9- Alberto Spencer (Ecuador) / 10- Uwe Seeler (Germany)

    Decade of 1970: 1- Johan Cruyff (Netherlands) / 2- Franz Beckenbauer (Germany) / 3- Oleg Blokhin (Soviet Union) / 4- Gerd Muller (Germany) / 5- Dino Zoff (Italy) / 6- Elias Figueroa (Chile) / 7- Teófilo Cubillas (Peru) / 8- Johan Neeskens (Netherlands) / 9- Mario Kempes (Argentina) / 10- Kazimierz Deyna (Poland)

    Decade of 1980: 1- Diego Maradona (Argentina) / 2- Michel Platini (France) / 3- Zico (Brazil) / 4- Lothar Matthaus (Germany) / 5- Ruud Gullit (Netherlands) / 6- Enzo Francescoli (Uruguay) / 7- Marco van Basten (Netherlands) / 8- Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (Germany) / 9- Rinat Dasayev (Soviet Union) / 10- Hugo Sánchez (Mexico)

    Decade of 1990: 1- Michael Laudrup (Denmark) / 2- Ronaldo (Brazil) / 3- Roberto Baggio (Italy) / 4- Romário (Brazil) / 5- Hristo Stoichkov (Bulgaria) / 6- Eric Cantona (France) / 7- Jurgen Klismann (Germany) / 8- Peter Schmeichel (Denmark) / 9- Franco Baresi (Italy) / 10- Dennis Bergkamp (Netherlands)

    Decade of 2000: 1- Zinedine Zidane / 2- Ronaldinho (Brazil) / 3- Andriy Shevchenko (Ukraine) / 4- Paolo Maldini (Italy) / 5- Luís Figo (Portugal) / 6- Gianluigi Buffon (Italy) / 7- Roberto Carlos (Brazil) / 8- Thierry Henry (France) / 9- Pavel Nedved (Czech Republic) / 10- Samuel Eto'o (Cameroon)

    1. Oh Very great source. Thanks you for such a contribution.

  47. Best XI from each decades (Source is from the radio based in Germany, Berlin-Britz):

    1900: William Foulke (England) / Bob Crompton (England); Jack Carr (England) / Billy Meredith (Wales); Bok de Korver (Netherlands); Eugen Kipp (Germany) / Johannes Gandil (Denmark); Steve Bloomer (England); Richard Hamilton (Scotland); Jimmy Quinn (Scotland); Vivian Woodward (England) / Coach: Willie Maley (Scotland)

    1910: Sam Hardy (England) / Billy McCracken (Northern Ireland); Armand Swartenbroeks (Belgium) / Sepp Brandstätter (Austria); Jan Vaník (Czechoslovakia); Karl Gustafsson (Sweden) / Louis van Hege (Belgium); Alberto Ohaco (Argentina); José Piendibene (Uruguay); Pichichi (Spain); Imre Schlosser (Hungary) / Coach: Jack Madden (Scotland)

    1920: Ricardo Zamora (Spain) / Karel Pešek (Czechoslovakia); José Nasazzi (Uruguay) / José Leandro Andrade (Uruguay); Charlie Buchan (England); Wacław Kuchar (Poland) / Alex Jakcson (Scotland); Héctor Scarone (Uruguay); Hugh Gallacher (Scotland); Arthur Friedenreich (Brazil); Alan Morton (Scotland) / Coach: Ernesto Figoli (Uruguay)

    1930: František Plánička (Czechoslovakia) / Domingos da Guia (Brazil); Paul Janes (Germany) / Alex James (Scotland); Luis Monti (Italy); Antonio Sastre (Argentina) / Giuseppe Meazza (Italy); Leônidas (Brazil); Silvio Piola (Italy); Matthias Sindelar (Austria); Raimundo Orsi (Italy) / Coach: Vittorio Pozzo (Italy)

    1940: Sergio Livingstone (Chile) / José Salomón (Argentina); Erik Nilsson (Sweden); Johnny Carey (Ireland) / Larbi Ben Barek (Morocco); Valentino Mazzola (Italy) / Stanley Matthews (England); José Manuel Moreno (Argentina); Telmo Zarra (Spain); Ademir (Brazil); Josef Bican (Czechoslovakia) / Coach; Guillermo Stábile (Argentina)

    1950: Amadeo Carrizo (Argentina) / Djalma Santos (Brazil); José Santamaría (Uruguay); Nílton Santos (Brazil) / Didi (Brazil); Raymond Kopa (France) / Garrincha (Brazil); Fritz Walter (Germany); Alfredo di Stéfano (Argentina); Juan Alberto Schiaffino (Uruguay); Ferenc Puskás (Hungary) / Coach: Sepp Herberger (Germany)

    1960: Lev Yashin (Soviet Union) / Tarcisio Burgnich (Italy); Bobby Moore (England); Billy McNeill (Scotland); Giacinto Facchetti (Italy) / Bobby Charlton (England); Luis Suarez Miramontes (Spain); Gianni Rivera (Italy) / Pelé (Brazil); Eusébio (Portugal); George Best (Northern Ireland) / Coach: Alf Ramsey (England)

    1970: Dino Zoff (Italy) / Carlos Alberto (Brazil); Elías Figueroa (Chile); Franz Beckenbauer (Germany); Paul Breitner (Germany) / Teofilo Cubillas (Peru); Joahn Neeskens (Netherlands); Viktor Kolotov (Soviet Union) / Joahn Cruyff (Netherlands); Gerd Muller (Germany); Oleg Blokhin (Soviet Union) / Coach: Rinus Michels (Netherlands)

    1980: Rinat Dasayev (Soviet Union) / Manuel Amoros (France); Óscar Ruggeri (Argentina); Ronald Koeman (Netherlands); Anatoliy Dem'yanenko (Soviet Union) / Zico (Brazil); Lothar Matthaus (Germany); Platini (France); Diego Maradona (Argentina) / Ruud Gullit (Netherlands); Marco van Basten (Netherlands) / Coach: Valery Lobanovski (Soviet Union)

    1990: Peter Schmeichel (Denmark) / Lilian Thuram (France); Franco Baresi (Italy); Matthias Sammer (Germany); Bixente Lizarazu (France) / David Beckham (England); Michael Laudrup (Denmark); Ryan Giggs (Wales) / Ronaldo (Brazil); Romário (Brazil); Roberto Baggio (Italy) / Coach: Aimé Jacquet (France)

    2000: Gianluigi Buffon (Italy) / Cafu (Brazil); Fabio Cannavaro (Italy); Paolo Maldini (Italy); Roberto Carlos (Brazil) / Pavel Nedved (Czech Republic); Luís Figo (Portugal); Zinedine Zidane (France); Ronaldinho (Brazil) / Andriy Shevchenko (Ukraine); Thierry Henry (France) / Coach: Alex Ferguson (Scotland)

    1. I'm sure it will be useful for me between 1910s and 1940s selection

  48. You have to change the alternatives formations now:
    - In the 4-4-2 and 4-3-3, Thuram in and Djalma Santos out.
    - In the 3-5-2, José Leandro Andrade in and Carlos Alberto out.

  49. No friend Erico should be featured in the 1930s only in the 1940s, Piola was the best player in the 1938 World Cup and best player in best player italian championship with Mezza in the second half of the 30's.

    1. I understand you suggests Erico should be replaced by Piola ?

  50. You have to change Bobby Moore with Figueroa or Scirea. They are a lot better than Bobby.

  51. I tend to agree. It has been in my though for a long time and it is totally fair to rate player by prime regardless of reputation. Let me think over how to establish formation in the best way.

    1. I prefer Figueroa because he is a pure central defender and balances a little the quantity of players of South America and Europe. And he is in the same class in positional hall of fame. Scirea is another great option but he is a natural sweeper like Baresi.

  52. Anonymous11/17/2017

    Elías Figueroa
    a real football legend, it was about him Beckenbauer, who himself played as God, once said that there is a guy stronger than me.
    FIFA football player of the year in the 76th - FIFA's gold ball was not awarded then, but the version itself existed. Many experts are the Chilean are considered the best defender in history.
    In the 1974-76 gg. was recognized as the best football player of South America.

    1. I have a plan to watch his footage in some full-matches as a part of skill evaluation project. Then, I will reconsider his place in history.

    2. Anonymous6/09/2018

      Between 1974 and 1976, Elias Figueroa was recognized as the best player in South America. If we consider that at that time there were many stars, the result of Figueroa is outstanding. South America has always been famous for its great attacking players. Defender to pay attention to himself, it was necessary to show the highest skill and be on the head above colleagues in the role

  53. Anonymous11/28/2017

    Who is L.Hofmann in 1931? Ludwig Hofmann was winger.And I doubt that his career last year was so good

  54. Anonymous12/01/2017

    Thanks Naratorn

  55. I was wondering..are you sure Beckenbauer deserves to be in the 1977 best formation? He is rated World Class by Kicker, but nevertheless after his Ballon d'Or he finished 7th with Bayern and got knocked out in the quarter finals of the European Cup. Since you already have Hughes at right back, I suggest you take a look at Francesco Morini's performance that year. At 33 years of age, he won both the Serie A and the UEFA CUP as a stopper with Juventus, and according to DBS Calcio he won a rating of 6,62 (very high for a defender who won titles, Baresi only got 6.55 at his highest), higher than Scirea. The fact he's not a well known name outside of Italy shouldn't take anything away from his astonishing performance that year.

  56. Morini is interesting but as long as he did not play in international game in 1977, he is ineligible to qualify. May I ask something about your facebook ? May I add you as a friend ?

    1. Uh sorry Naratorn, I just saw your reply. I already accepted you on facebook, you can write me there if you want.

  57. Why is Dixie Dean in the 1933's XI instead in 1932's? He was top scorer of english league in 1931-1932 season.

    1. I think you're right. I'll reselect.

  58. Jashin
    Cafu F Baresi Beckenbauer Maldini
    Cruijff DiStefano Maradona
    Garrincha Ronaldo (Bra) Pelè

  59. Figueroa in, Bobby Moore out. Same class in PHF, same skill, but higher peak (AA vs AA-).

    1. All-Time XI is set criteria of NT part in higher weight than PHF.