African Football Hall of Fame

All-Time African Squad

Thomas N'Kono (Cameroon)
Bruce Grobbelar (Zimbabwe)

Patrice Evra (Senegal)
David Alaba (Nigeria)
Marcel Desailly (Ghana)
Noureddine Naybet (Morocco)
Basile Boli (Ivory Coast)
Kolo Toure (Ivory Coast)
Patrice Viera (Senegal)
Jean Tigana (Mali)
Mario Coluna (Mozambique)
Zinedine Zidane (Algeria)
Larbi Benbarek (Morocco)
Abedi Pele (Ghana)
Riyad Mahrez (Algeria)
Sadio Mane (Mali)
George Weah (Liberia)
Samuel Eto'o (Cameroon)
Eusebio (Mozambique)
Mohammed Salah
Karim Benzema
Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast)

Manager : Mahmoud El-Gohary (Egypt)

Formation XI (4-3-1-2)

Explanation of Formation

The team strategy is a central defensive condense without wings. N’Kono is a first choice keeper. Desailly would direct the regularity of the defensive line. Boli is a main pillar of defenders as a stopper alongside Desailly. Alaba played as right-back. Evra as a wing-back would run a long distance across functional line from defense to the wing area. Vieira is a main destroyer of the team. Zidane is a partnership of central midfielders. Mane and Salah are in the left and right flank support scoring from wing-forward area, Weah and Eusebio would technically and dynamically run from deep-lying forward area to make scores. 

Statistics By Nations

Algeria : 3
Mozambique : 2
Ivory Coast : 2
Cameroon : 2
Ghana : 2
Senegal  : 2
Nigeria : 1
Mali : 2
Egypt : 1
Liberia : 1
Zimbabwe : 1
Mali : 1

Eras Greatest African Footballers

40s : Larbi Ben Barek (2nd Half)
50s : Matatau (1st Half), Mario Coluna (2nd Half)
60s : Eusebio 
70s : Salif Keita (1st Half), Mamoud El Khatib (2nd Half)
80s : Jean Tigana (1st Half), Tarak Dhiab (2nd Half)
90s : Abedi Pele (1st Half), George Weah (2nd Half)
00s : Patrice Viiera (1st Half), Samuel Eto'o (2nd Half)
10s : Yaya Toure (1st Half), Mohammed Salah (2nd Half)

The Greatest African Footballers of All-Time

1. Zinedine Zidane (Algeria)
2. Eusebio (Mozambique)
3. George Weah (Liberia)
4. Mario Coluna  (Mozambique)
5. Jean Tigana (Mali)
6. Samuel Eto'o (Cameroon)
7. Marcel Desailly (Ghana)
8. Patrice Vieira (Senegal)
9. Mohammed Salah (Egypt)
10. Sadio Mane (Senegal)
11. Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast)
12. Karim Benzema (Algeria)
13. Kylia Mbappe (Cameroon/Algeria)
14. Larbi Benbarek (Morocco)
15. Abedi Pele (Ghana)
16. Claude Makelele (Congo)
17. N'Golo Kante (Mali)
18. Paul Pogba (Guinea)
19. Mikael Essien (Ghana)
20. Yaya Toure (Ivory Coast)
21. Pirerre  Emerick Aubameyang (Gabon)
22. Romeu Lukaku (Congo)
23. Riyad Mahrez (Algeria)
24. David Alaba (Nigeria)
25. Anthony Yeboah (Ghana)
26 :Hakim Ziyech (Morocco)
27. Lucas Matateu (Mozambique)
28. Thomas N’Kono (Cameroon)
29. Lakhdal Belloumi (Algeria)
30. Basile Boli (Ivory Coast)
31. Salif Keita (Mali)
32. Mohamed El Khatib (Egypt)
33. Rabah Madjer (Algeria)
34. Osei Kofi (Ghana)
35. Nani (Cape Verde)
36. Mustapha Zitouni (Algeria)
37. Patrice Evra (Senegal)
38. Kalusha Bwalya (Zambia)
39. Laurent Pokou (Ivory Coast)
40. Roger Milla (Cameroon) 
41. Noureddine Naybet (Morocco)
42. Hilario (Mozambique)
43. Emmanouel Adebayor (Togo)
44. Colo Toure (Ivory Coast)     
45. Paul Bonga Bonga (Congo) 
46. Abderrahman Majoub (Morocco)
47. Jay Jay Okocha (Nigeria)
48. Ahmed Faras (Morocco)
49. Hacene Lalmas (Algeria)
50. Samuel Umtiti (Cameroon)

Reserved List

Tarak Dhiab (Tunisia)
Rifaat El-Fanagili (Egypt)
George Boateng (Ghana)
Gerald Asamoah (Ghana)
George Finidi (Nigeria)
Saleh Selim (Egypt)
El Hadji Diouf (Senegal)
Ousmane Dembele (Mauritania & Senegal)
Mohamed El Timoumi (Morocco)
Mario Balotelli (Ghana)
Theophile Abega (Cameroon)
Rui Jordao (Angola)
Rachid Mekloufi (Algeria)
Mustapha Daleb (Algeria)
Nwanko Kanu (Nigeria)
Segun Odegbami (Nigeria)
Sulley Muntari (Ghana)
Ibrahim Youssef (Egypt)
Papa Camara (Guinea)
Federic Kanoute (Mali)
Abdul Razak (Ghana)

By Nations

Algeria : 7.5
Ghana : 5
Morocco : 5
Cameroon : 4.5
Senegal : 4
Mozambique : 4
Ivory Coast : 4
Mali : 3
Egypt : 2
Nigeria : 2
Zaire : 2
Congo : 2
South Africa : 1
Gabon : 1 
Guinea : 1
Cape Verde : 1
Togo : 1

African Footballer of The Year

1950 Larbi Ben Barek
1951 Larbi Ben Barek
1952 Matateu
1953 Matateu
1954 Abderrahman Mahjoub
1955 Matateu
1956 Saleh Selim
1957 Mustapha Zitouni
1958 Pablo Bonga Bonga
1959 - 1962 Mario Coluna
1963 - 1968 Eusebio
1969 Salif Keita
1970 Lauren Pokou 
1971 Salif Keita
1972 Tshimen Bwanga
1973 Eusebio
1974 Ndaye Mulamba
1975 Ahmed Faras
1976 Ahmed Faras
1977 Tarak Dhiab
1978 Abdul Razak
1979 Thomas N’Kono
1980 Segun Odegbami
1981 Jean Tigana
1982 Jean Tigana
1983 Mahmoud El-Khatib
1984 Jean Tigana
1985 Mohammed Timoumi
1986 Jean Tigana
1987 Rabah Madjer
1988 Kalusha Bwalya
1989 Basile Boli
1990 Roger Milla
1991 Abedi Pele
1992 Abedi Pele
1993 Anthony Yeboah
1994 Marcel Desailly
1995 - 1996 George Weah
1997 - 2004 Zinedine Zidane
2005 Samuel Eto’o
2006 Zinedine Zidane
2007 Mikael Essein
2008 Samuel Eto’o
2009 Didier Drogba
2010 Samuel Eto’o
2011 Samuel Eto’o
2012 Didier Drogba
2013 Yaya Toure
2014 Karim Benzema
2015 Yaya Toure
2016 Riyad Mahrez
2017 N'Kolo Kante
2018 Mohammed Salah
2019 Sadio Mane
2020 Mohammed Salah
2021 Mohammed Salah
2022 : Karim Benzema

By Players

Zinedien Zidane : 9
Eusebio : 7
Mario Coluna : 4
Jean Tigana : 4
Mohammed Salah : 3
Samuel Eto’o : 3
Matateu : 3

By Nations

Mozambique :  14
Algeria : 11
Ghana : 7
Mali : 5
Morocco : 5
Cameroon : 5
Senegal : 3
Ivory Coast : 4
Egypt : 4
Zaire : 3
Liberia : 2
Congo : 1


  1. Anonymous8/25/2014

    Federic Kanoute I think should be higher. He should at least be better than Muntari. You have also missed Jose Aguas, who would obviously be near the top.

    1. In this scope of selection, only African-born and African-blood player would be allowed. Jose Aguas was a Portuguese blood who born in Africa because their parent moved to work there. I’m quite agree for your suggestion on Kanoute.

    2. Anonymous8/26/2014

      Blood should not be a consideration in any rankings. He grew up and lived in Angola until he was 20. He had more connection to Africa than Dessailly. I really do not think "blood" is an imprtant consdieraton.

    3. I consider blood (race) is more identifying than period of living (nationality) for African nation as its identity is very obvious. (USA would be different result as it includes many race around the World)
      The players born in Africa have been selected in all-time squad of those nations they played. This list is just exceptional case to conclude all identifying African.

    4. Anonymous5/29/2020

      If you don't think France includes many race around the world, you never get there. By the way, I don't get the big difference between Evra and Zidane. Both french from african parents, the only difference is Evra arrived at 1yo. I don't think these few monthes spent in Africa make a difference.

      So, I'm a bit disappointed about your list because instead of those european players, we should read Pierre Kalala, Rashidi Yekini, Hossam Hassan, Godfrey Chitalu, Paul Moukila, Badou Zaki, Lucas Radebe, ...

    5. Evra born in Senegal but Zidane born in France. I already have major africa all-time XI without European player but I want to make this one different.

  2. Anonymous8/25/2014

    I think Eto'o should be player of the year in 2011 instead of Toure. He had a very good season at Inter. I also find it unlikely that Evra was above Toure for 2013. Evra was poor recent seasons. Evan Benatia would probably be ahead. And if you add a 2014 best player, it would obviously be Yaya Toure. My 2nd for 2014 would be Benatia.

    1. They’re considered equally in domestic competition. Eto’o is clearly better in international club. African Cup of nation was not held in this year so the NT criteria would be lower. I’m OK to replace Toure by Eto’o.

      Probably I’m too impressive on him in 2012 – 2013 season. Note that he is also rated highly by media but Toure must be more impact to the team so it could be reasonable.

  3. Anonymous8/27/2014

    What about Japhet N'Doram?

  4. Anonymous8/27/2014

    What about Mehdi Benatia?

  5. Anonymous8/30/2014

    What about Hatem Trabelsi?

  6. Anonymous8/30/2014

    Mahamadou Diarra should be in your top 50. I would say he was definitely greater than Muntari and Benni Mcarthy

  7. Anonymous9/07/2014

    Rui Jordão should be ranked. He is better than Mccarthy.

    1. Great suggestion. Rui Jordao was not only born in Africa but he also has African blood. I also add Paul Bonga Bonga who was selected in FIFA XI once in the list and also add a forgotten Tshimen Bwanga. So I name Haruna Ilreika, Kanoute and B.McCarthy out. Kanoute is debatable but I think he had only twice great domestic seasons.

  8. Anonymous9/11/2014

    I would definitely rank Mahmadou Diarra and Kanoute ahead of Muntari and Diouf. Diouf is overrated because of the World Cup

  9. Anonymous11/08/2014

    I would definitely rank Mahmadou Diarra and Kanoute ahead of Muntari and Diouf. Diouf is overrated because of the World Cup

    1. I saw Muntari is more versatile than Diarra in supporting attacking game. Diarra was selected in Ligue 1 best XI only once, I know Essien was there so it is too difficult for Diarra but at least he should have been selected in 2004 but not.

      I'd compare Diouf in similar case of Roger Milla. They're not consistent in club level but in their peak, it is considered as a major highlight in history of African football.

  10. Anonymous12/16/2014

    Adebayor higher than kanu??
    Kanu was twice african player of the year and was in the top 10 fifa world player of the year 96.

    1. Kanu is by far a superior technical and creative player but it was several times useless and ineffective due to his bad physical ability and condition although his peak in a few matches is considered as a better one, it is too short. His great skills also did not fulfill his performance as a position of forward, too slow and below average shooting skill.



  13. sorry u dont know nothing about african football
    delete all the names that had been playing for europe countries national teams
    and read something about egyptian players kings of africa 7 times

    1. I think you should specify which Egyptian player should be included and which one should be named off and give the reason.

  14. What about Mohammed Abutrika 2008 ?
    What about Godfrey Chitalu in the list and 1978 ?
    What about Mustapha Dahleb in the list "Best player in PSG club history" ?
    What about Saleh Selim in the list ?
    What about Lakhdar Belloumi 1981 , 1982 ?
    What about Rachid Makhloufi 1967?
    What about Nasr El-Din Abbas "Jaxa" 1970?
    What about Ali Abugreisha 1969?
    What about Moustafa Reyadh 1964 "best striker in the world 1964" ?

    1. Most of them are named in all-time squad of North American and Subsaharan Africa but I have omitted Godfrey Chitalu, Nasr El-Din Abbas and Moustafa Reyadh who seems should have been qualified. Let me spend some time to include their names in in all-time squad of North American and Subsaharan Africa.

    2. OK ... thank you

  15. Where is zinedine zidane ???
    Her is african( algeria )

    1. He is named in European hall of fame as he played only for France and also born France. So he is not eligible to be chosen for another continent.

    2. Eusebio play for Portugal.
      Patrice Evra play for France.
      Mario coluna play for Portugal.
      Marcel Desailly play for France
      Patrice Vieira play for France
      Claude makelele play for France
      but they are in this list.

    3. Here has a different criteria to International Legendary Museum. I want to include all African-born and blood (Lose-African). It is another sight of African football history.

  16. Where is EMANUEL KUNDÉ ?

  17. Anonymous4/11/2020

    This is the most balanced team by continent

  18. Anonymous12/31/2022

    If Zidane is not in the list I think you should remove Benzema and M'Bappe both born in France if I am not mistaken.

  19. Anonymous12/31/2022

    If you want to include all African-born and blood (Lose-African) but you don't include Zidane you must also remove Pogba, Benzema, M'Bappe... born in france. And double check your top 50 list.

  20. Anonymous1/11/2023

    What ? Umtiti above Alaba ? How is it possible?

  21. Anonymous1/16/2023

    I am from Portugal and we had some of the Best players from the african colonias

  22. Anonymous1/22/2023

    What about Eboué ?

  23. Anonymous1/23/2023

    Vieira is Patrick Vieira not Patrice Vieira.
    "Patrick" not "Patrice"

  24. Anonymous8/15/2023

    Benni McCarthy and Lucas Radebe don't deserve to be here