Timelines of Football History

This marble relief is in the National Museum of Archeology in Athens, Greece. It depicts a Grecian athlete juggling a 'soccer ball' on his thigh and demonstrating the skill to a youth. The Greeks clearly played a form of soccer, but they left no written information about the sport.

1857 : Sheffield F.C was founded as the oldest amateur football club in the World.
1862 : Nott Country Football Club was formed as the oldest professional football club in the World.
1863 : The Law of Game was first drawn up by Ebenezer Cobb Morley and approved at a meeting of the newly-founded Football Association as the first football association in the World.
1867 : The first recorded association football match in South Americas, was held in Argentina. Buenos Aires football club was created as the first club ever in the Americas continent.
1867 : Youdan Cup was founded as the first amateur football tournament in the World.
1871 : FA Cup was first held as the oldest professional competition 
1872 : England versus Scotland is the first international match ever.
1884 : British Home Championship was first held as the oldest international tournament in the World. 
1884 : American football association was established as the first association in Americas. 
1885 : Professional football association was first introduced in the World in England.
1885 : The first international match outside Europe was first held between USA and Canada.
1886 : The International Football Association Board (IFAB) is the body that determines the Laws of the Game of association football, was established in England.
1886 : Hong Kong Football Club was founded in Hong Kong as the fist Asian club ever.
1888 : The English Football League was first formed as the first professional football league in the World
1891 :  The penalty kick was introduced.
1891 : The first official club match was first ever held in South Americas as Amateur Argentine League competition.
1893: The first ever football association in South Americas was founded as the Argentine football association.
1897: The first ever football association in Asia was founded as the football association of Singapore. 
1901 :  The first ever international match in South Americas was held with Argentina versus Uruguay.
1904 : FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) was founded in Paris. Robert Guerin was its first president.
1907 : Ah-Ahly was founded in Egypt as the fist African club ever.
1908 : the 1908 Olympics in London was the first ever official World football tournament.
1908 : The first ever professional game in Asia was founded in Hong Kong First Division. 
1912 : Goalkeeper was first prohibited from handling the ball outside their own penalty area.
1913 : The first international match ever in Asia was held between China and Philippines.  
1916: The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) was formed. South American Championship was first held as the continental international tournament of South American nations.
1919: The first ever football association in Africa was founded as the Federation Congolaise De Football Association. 
1921The first official club match was first ever held in Africa as Amateur Tunisian League competition.
1926 :  The first international match ever in Africa was held between Kenya and Uganda.
1927 : Central European International Football competition was first held in both club and international level as Mitropa Cup and Central European International Cup, respectively.
1928 : The first official club match was first ever held in Asia as Amateur Israeli State Cup competition.
1930 : The first ever FIFA World Cup was held in Uruguay which become the first champion in history of the tournament.
1931 : Professional football was first introduced in South Americas when Argentine football league turned professional.
1937 : The Largest football crowd ever was recorded with 149,415 attendance at Hempden Park in the friendly match Scotland VS England.
1951 : White Ball was permitted as the first time
1952 : Penalty shoot-out was first implemented in Yugoslav Cup
1954 : The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA ) was formed.
1954 : The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) was formed.
1954 : Professional football was first introduced in Asia when Palestine league turned professional status.
1955 : European Cup was first held as the continental European club competition.
1956 : Professional football was first introduced in Africa when Tunisian League turned professional status.
1956 : Ballon’Dor (European Footballer of The Year) awards was established.
1956 : AFC Asian Cup was first held as the continental tournament for Asian nations.
1957 : The Confederation of African Football (CAF) was formed. African Cup of Nations was first held as the continental tournament for African nations.
1958 : Introduction of substitutes.
1960 : Copa Libertadores Cup was first held as the continental South American club competition.
1960 : Intercontinental Cup was first held.
1960 : European Nation Cup was first held as the international European tournament.
1961 : CONCACAF is found as a merger of the NAFC and CCCF.
1964 : CAF Champion League was first held.
1965 : Away goals rule was first introduced by UEFA.
1966 : The Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) was formed.
1967 : Asian club tournament was first held.
1970 : Introduction of penalty cards.
1970 : Penalty shoot-out was officially adopt. 
1970 : Introduction of Goal Difference Rule.
1970 : FIFA World Cup was first participated by nations from all five continents.
1970 : Pele became the first and only player in history to win three World Cup champions.
1975 : South American Championship was transformed to Copa America.
1991 : FIFA World Player of the Year was established.
1992 : Introduction of the back-pass rule.
1992 : FIFA Confederation Cup was first held.
1992 : Football in Olympic Games restrict to allow 3 players over 23 years old to compete.
1993 : European Cup was transformed to UEFA Champion League.
1993 : Golden Goal Rule, the sudden death goal in extra time was applied.
1994 : FIFA first rules to increase point from 2 to 3 for the match winner in the World Cup.
1995 : The Bosman Rules was introduced.
2000 : FIFA Club World Cup was first held.
2010 : FIFA World Cup has been hosted by nation from all continents.
2010 : Ballon’Dor and FIFA World Player of the Year was merged as FIFA Ballon’Dor
2012 : Goal-line technology is permitted, if the individual competition wishes to implement it.
2016 : Copa America Centennario is held as the only international country competition in history that is participated between CONMEBOL and CONCACAF.  
2017 : Video television replayed is first used officially in the 2017 FIFA Confedeartion Cup.

2018 : FIFA World Cup is first hosted by Eastern European Nation in Russia
2018 : The Fourth Substitution is first implemented in the 2018 World Cup
2022 : FIFA World Cup is first hosted by Arab Nation in Qatar
2022 : The Fifth Substitution is first implemented in the 2018 World Cup


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  2. Thanks for reminding us for these histories that were really awesome experiences for the real football lovers. You can also take help from the latest sport news to know about the latest sports update and the controversies that were the part of news in the past but need to be reminded again and again.

  3. I see one item you missed. The American Football Association was founded in 1884 by several clubs in New Jersey and New York City. They adopted the rules used by the English FA. It was also the first year the American Cup was played; modeled after the FA Cup.

    1. OK Thanks, The American Football Association is even the first ever football association in Americas.

  4. Anonymous12/16/2023

    Thank you for your posting. I've found one typo. The last line should be corrected from '2018' to '2022'