The Honorable Football Player-Managers

This ranking is for the football personality who achieved in both playing and managing career. Many world-class footballers had been failure as manager while a few top-class managers had a background as top-class players. Here are top ten greatest names.

10. Carlos Bianchi

Carlos Bianchi is one of the most prolific scorers in history of European football. He won Argentine league top scorer three times and French League top scorer five times. He is 8th place as IFFHS all-time greatest top scorer of Worldwide first division. Bianchi holds the record most Copa Liberteadores Cup with four and five times South American Coach of the Year

Rating : Player : 6.5  Manager : 7.5

9. Mario Zagallo

One of the great Brazilian international class left-winger, he was famous for being a part of World Cup wining team twice in 1958 and 1962. Zagallo managed the 1970 World Cup Brazil team as the greatest team in history of the game. He also won Copa America once and won the 1998 World Cup runner-up.

Rating Player :  6.5  Manager : 7.5

8. Jupp Heynckes

Heynckes was one of a prolific scorer in his time and achieved seven international-class seasons by kicker rating. As a manager, aside from an UEFA Champion League trophy with Real Madrid, he was most famed for his role to lead Bayern won its only European Triple champion in history and also the best performance in history of Bundesliga in the 2012 – 2013 season.

Rating : Player :  7  Manager : 8

7. Frank Rijkaard

Frank Rijkaard is well-known as the greatest defensive midfielder of all-time. As a player, he won Dutch league five times, Italian Series A twice and European Cup 3 times and was two times Bronze ball in Ballon'Dor. As a manager, he won Spanish la Liga twice and a UEA Champion league but his managing career was failed with Saudi Arabia national team.

Rating : Player : 8    Manager :  7

6. Didier Deschamp

Didier Deschamp is one of the three personalities who won World Cup as both player and manager. As a player, he played as defensive midfielder, winning a UEFA Champion League trophy with Jurventus and 1998 World Cup and 2000 European Championship as a captain. As a club manager, he led Monaco reach UEFA Champion League runner-up in 2004.

Rating : Player :  7,   Manager :  8.5

5. Joseph Guardiola

Guardiola is all-time greatest football personality of Barcelona club. He was successful as both player and manager. Guardiola played as holding midfielder and won once European Cup plus a runner-up. His career as manager is even better, is known as a creator of tika-taka system and led the club to win twice UEFA Champion League and win Spanish La Liga three seasons in row and won triple champion in 2009 as a highlight. He is also sucessful 

Rating  Player : 7   Manager : 9

4. Ernst Happel

Ernst Happel is the greatest Austrian defender of all-time. A top-class center-back who won Austrian bundesliga six times and the 1958 World Cup third place. Happel is one of the greatest managers of all-time. He led the grade B team in Europe like Feyenoord and Hmaburg to win European Cup and led Netherlands to finish runner-up in the 1978 FIFA World CUp.

Rating : Player :  7   Manager : 9.5

3. Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane as a footballer is regarded as one of the best playmakers of all-time and arguably the top ten player ever. He won UEFA Champion League, European Championship and World Cup once oldenof each. As a manager, he led Real Madrid one of its golden era winning 3 UEFA Champion League in row as the record of most winners for manager, is regarded as the best manager ever in history of UEFA Champion League.

Rating : Player : 9,   Manager :  8.5

2. Franz Beckenbauer

Franz Beckenbauer is the greatest football personality of all-time. He is the greatest defender in history of the game and the greatest German footballer ever. Beckenbauer had no defect in his career both player and manager. He led West Germany to reach World Cup final match two times and won in the 1990 tournament. He also took charge Bayern in a specific job and won a Bundesliga and a UEFA Cup.

Rating : Player : 9  Manager : 8, Presidential Bonus 0.5

1. Johan Cruyff

Johna Cruyff is the greatest European footballer of all-time who won Ballon'Dor three times and won European Cup three times as player. He managed Barcelona to win its first European Cup title in 1992 and won Spanish La Liga four seasons in row during the first half 1990s.

Rating : Player : 9.5   Manager :  8


  1. Anonymous7/29/2015

    Miguel Munoz, Fabio Capello, Vicente Del Bosque

    1. Capello is the best contender among the names you provide. He was a tenacious and uncompromising defensive midfielder. Let keep in consideration.

  2. Tele Santana was a better technician than Cruyff won it in the World Cup final of 92 leaving Own openmouthed Cruyff Technical but was perhaps the offensive history

    1. T.Santana had a big talent on creativity of the attractive beautiful game but effectiveness is another issue. I guess you want to compare only managerial performance ? This list covers both player and manager role tough.

  3. Daniel T6/24/2016

    Very interesting list! I think you should do a list that covers only managerial performance as well.

    1. It is actually available in Positional Hall of Fame

  4. Daniel T6/24/2016

    And TelĂȘ Santana was a great player as well. In Brazil he is considered the best Fluminense's left wing of all time. I dare to say that he was better for Fluminense than Guardiola was for Barcelona, and than Zagallo for Botafogo.

  5. I think you can now consider adding Deschamps into list now.
    The second one lifting world cup in the role of captain and manager.

    1. Deschamps will be surely added when I have time. Thanks you very much.

    2. Anonymous12/31/2022

      May Deschamps be upgraded ?