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Name/Surname : MrNaratorn Wirunhchatapant
Pseudonym : Dearman Year of Birth : 1979
Location : Bangkok, Thailand
Physical Appearance : Height 174 cm, Weight 56 kg
Religion : Protestant Christian 
Professional Career : Quality Manager
English Language : (As of 2022) Speaking 81, Listening 88, Writing 84, Reading 92 
Education : High School : Suankularb (Rosa Garden College)  
Bachelor of Science Physics, Chulalongkorn University
Master of Engineering Management, Thammasat University 
Major Activity : Amateur Football Historian
Minor Activity : Travel Europe, North Americas and Oceania
Favorite Sports : Football, Swimming
Favorite Teams : Argentina, Yugoslavia
Favorite Legends : Fernando Redondo, Sergio Goycochea
Favorite Actor : Keeneu Reeves,​ Milla Jovovich, Rachel Weisz
Favorite Singer : Taylor Swift 
Favorite Leader : Jacinda Ardern, Barack Obama
Favorite Foods : Italian Foods
Favorite Video Games : Final Fantasy VIII
Favorite Cartoons : Saint Seiya 
Favorite Song : Eye On Me
Contacted E-Mail :

Football Research Biography 
         The first game ever of my watch is the 1990 FIFA World Cup match between Argentina and Yugoslavia. However, I started watching the game seriously at the 1993 match England VS Holland in the 1994 World Cup qualification in UEFA zone. Since then, I became a football lover and had followed the game regularly. My inspiration of football history was originated at the beginning of 2008 when I felt the beautiful game and attractive styles of play had become rarer since the mid-2000s. It became my dream to create football historical rating project to fulfill my overwhelming passion in history of the game. Thereafter I dedicate to spend the majority of my leisure to have been continuously researching, creating and developing the huge project individually without any earning just because of my typical of willingness, never-give-up attitude and enjoyment in my beloved thing even in the stressful and fatigued time in struggling the obstacles during working on the project. Accordingly, Football history has become a sustainable work as an indispensable part of my life permanently. 
            I began establishing the short series of legendary football in Thailand sports website but it was rather unpopular due to perspective limitation among the large group of readers. Then, I moved to establish myself in legends room of where is considered by me as the enlighten primary school of my legendary football knowledge, learning numerous things from a group of experts and I created the similar format of the series there but it was an informal work with a lot of incompleteness and erroneous points. After Soccerpluse was closed, I was looking for a new soccer forum with a related-football history room and then I established a short incomplete series in FootballMaxx forum until I was invited to settle down at where I started my trial project. I’m the earliest appointed as a moderator in history of the forum, was appointed only one month after registration as a member, being supported by the website authorities who wanted to revive its history forum. I established the trial project with all completed three series within a year and successfully revived the forum until it has been independent from World Football forum as a result of a dramatic increment of participation. I got nickname as "Mr. History Forum" there. The more research the more pleasant to discover the new things and how interesting of football history conducting me to enter to the worldwide of vision. However, I finally decided to officially retire from a member after being a moderator for more than 2.5 years after I found to reach the saturated point for my contribution to the community and I switched to join the beautiful game forum at where I've been regularly declaring the update of WFHC series. Nevertheless, all trial series are still existed in but it has been outdated since my retirement. This blog is the only newest update version.
         WFHC Project was originally created when I wanted to only transfer all of my works from into my own blogs. Unintentionally, in the step of transferring and updating, the more historical evidences were progressively found in Bigsoccer and contributed with a lot of new ideas to add new creations, structurally re-arrangement, decoration and developing methodology. The establishment project was spent around a half of year to successfully renovate the works and officially establish WFHC in August 2013 in the day I attended the match Barcelona VS Thailand at National Stadium. The WFHC development project was immediately proceeded by designing methodology and implementation. Note that I tried many experiments to get the divisible methodology and spent around 6 years to finally complete the project.   
        I was a faculty football player in right-back position and achieved twice bronze medals in inter-university science faculty game. After the class, I always found myself in the training field and has long been spending the life with soccer media as a major activity. 
         Finally, I have to sincerely thank all advisers, followers and supporters as an indispensable important part of these works and always welcome new comers to the World of Football History.

WFHC Founder/Developer

2000 Atom Games (Thai Inter-University Games)

2011 OSK League


  1. Nice page. Thanks you very much. Greetings from Argentina ^^

  2. Recently i see a photo of a taiwanese boy with a t-shirt of Independiente in Bangkok. I´m a fan of CAI from Argentina and i can´t believe how our team has fans in the other side of the world. I remember your blog after that.

    I really enjoy this blog, cheers from Argentina!

    1. Thanks you for compliment. I agree there is very rare south american fan in southeast asia.

  3. I found this blog after a long time which is really helpful to let understand different approaches. I am going to adopt these new point to my career and thankful for this help.

    7 wonders

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